Yesterday I made a viral meme with a simple question that got a lot of interesting interaction. It asked, “Does a president with 33.5 million unemployed Americans and 80k deaths deserve to be re-elected?”

Many Republicans took the bait and said yes because Trump didn’t bring in the virus and we should only look at what he did with the economy before the virus came. That kind of thinking got my blood boiling because it is exactly that kind of hapless nitwittery that caused the deaths of those 80k Americans.

Of course, trying to cogently explain anything to a Fox viewer would have the same effect as injecting medicine into a corpse so I avoided that. Instead I took another avenue to reveal their naked villainy by asking them a more tactful question that of course only the truly brain-damaged derelicts cannot answer, ‘can you tell me anything that Trump has done wrong?’

I can only imagine them looking extremely perplexed because the Trumpers are wholly incapable of ever telling the truth about anything and to admit any truth or any flaw would be more of a reflection of their own failures as human beings. I’ve often done the same by asking any Republican if they can name a single time that cutting taxes has not resulted in an economic disaster? That’s where their dogma comes into conflict with all those terrible facts history provides that they avoid like land mines.

I have come to partisanship late in my life which to me comes from the agony of both Gore’s loss and Hillary’s and the subsequent horror shows that resulted from the Bush and Trump administrations but more importantly it is yet another example of Newton’s third law being germane in politics. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I have not chosen the course to become a partisan, Rupert Murdoch did that to me and our nation.

If you’d like to get whatever functioning brain cells a Republican you might know in a fit of apoplexy, ask them to name anything at all that Republicans have done in the last 30 years to help the American people? Enjoy the sound of them crickets. If you want to piss them off and show explicitly just what liars they are ask them, ‘how many consecutive months of economic growth happened under Barack Obama’s administration?’ Of course they have no idea at all because as I have said many times before, *all* Republicans are stupid. The answer is 81 months.

The reason I bring these things up is because last night I watched about five minutes of Hannity and the level of guano coming out of that ignominious taint scorpion from planet Hitler has never been seen on this good earth. Hannity went on for months and months about Hillary murdering Seth Rich. Where did he get this narrative from? Well it just so happens that it was the GRU department inside the Kremlin.

A couple of days ago, The Washington Post did a story about Betsy Devos’ brother Eric Prince hiring former spies to infiltrate social media and monitor Democrats. Betsy has funded the protests groups who carried guns into state legislatures to terrorize legislators who approved of the lock-down measures in certain states. Another billionaire by the name of Robert Mercer was behind Cambridge Analytica and Breitbart is another Republican ideologue who is using his vast wealth to pit American against American in order to further the partisan divide.

Any critical observation of our current political climate would rightly deduce that this nation is at war. These Republican billionaires are at war with everyone else who isn’t one of them and they are winning spectacularly. Trump is their greatest useful idiot because his ambition is to be like them after a lifetime of failure. If Trump were half as wealthy as he claimed, he would be the first to release his financial disclosures so all the billionaires he is jealous of could see how successful he has been after losing more money than any other American in recorded history. But all of that Trump success is an illusion and everyone who isn’t an imbecile knows this because Trump brags about everything and if there were any evidence of him making and not losing money, he would show it to anyone.

Today we are going to find out whether or not Bret Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsich are the equal toadies to Bill Barr as they listen to a case they should both be recused from hearing because it involves Trump’s claim to ‘absolute immunity.’ Hell, we haven’t seen an argument that stupid since Spiro Agnew was trying to explain why he was taking cash bribes inside the White House. That case is going to decide whether or not Trump has to release the financial disclosures he has so desperately hidden since he became president.

The significance of this case cannot be overstated because the principle that we are a nation of laws where no man is above the law is in jeopardy. Nixon tried this “I am Caesar’ defense once before and when he went to the Supreme Court to keep the tapes private, he lost 8-0. Renquist recused himself from that decision which is what Kavanaugh and Gorsich should both do but since neither has any honor or integrity, they have not.

I wouldn’t put anything past any Republican partisan including the majority on the Supreme Court that the insufferable ‘progressives’ were so eager to give away to Trump but if there is any such thing as justice in this country, Trump will lose 9-0. If he were to win, the rule of law would cease to exist and the president would then have inscrutable power unchecked by any other branch of government. We’ll see if the ‘originalists’ are what they claimed to be or if they are merely toadies of Trump.

Either way, we best sober up to the reality that we are at war with a very determined enemy with limitless resources to fight moral and decent people in America. Our nation simply will not survive another four years of Trump. You best sober up to the reality that your Republican ‘friends’ are in point of actual fact a very deadly enemy who means to do this nation in. We have 174 days until we can wipe these traitors to every principle this country was founded upon from the body politic. Voting Republican at this point is a wanton act of violence against you, yours, all that’s right and good.

Trump is clinically delusional and perfectly insane. He must be removed at all costs.

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Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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