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Pimping White Slaves
Andre Curry that’s not really an accurate explanation of what is going on here. This depiction has more to do with the harems/brothels we had in Spain.
This was not exactly about us teaching them how to bathe as much as it was about us prostituting the Caucasoid female. This is not, in my opinion, a proud part of our history. We lost our nobility and “fell” because we began to commit crimes against nature.
We must teach this accurately or we are DOOMED to repeat these crimes and fall again. When I say crimes against “nature”, I speak of the Asiatic women, nature herself.
We must never be willing to enter in the hell of the European birth canal because she herself is unnatural. For the very thing that gives life (son,sun) seeks to kill themselves.
Jane Austen words to the Future of her black people
With the Black History approach and giving due attention to the abundance of blackness in Austen’s life and her novels; we can now evaluate the rich subtext and understand Jane Austen’s dedication to the plight of her Black nation.
And why the early dead of ‘the purple flowerette of the vale’ was so sincerely bemoaned by her clan. As they were fiercely protective of her image. Her books are in fact comical, self-help books, allegories that present an idealized black gentry, in order to empower and urge improvement of Blacks.
To better themselves at a personal level. But also reminding them as a group of their history and to warn about the changing times.
And that they should start paying attention, stop the foolish race mixing and assisting whites to advance and encroach upon their own positions; for they will face total annihilation as a culture and a people. They will be completely rewritten and whitewashed out of history.
Jane Austen is actually talking about the emerging, Regency Era race relations and about race-mixing, which she was against, derived from her letters. Broad faced Mrs Blount with ‘her pink husband & fat neck,’ from her letter to Cassandra, should be understood in this context. As should Mrs. Price in Mansfield Park who deeply offended her family, by probably marrying a white Mr. Price who had ‘no education, no means and no prospects.’ Making Fanny Price, like Miss Lamb from Sanditon, a mulatto.
A sensitive fact pounced on by her cruel aunt, Mrs. Norris. In Sense and Sensibility ‘Golden Mohrs’ are mentioned, pointing to the role of blackness in the founding of the European civilization. But the novel Emma is all about 10.000 years of Black Civilization, the history about Blacks who brought civilization to Europe and became a noble and royal elite at the end of the Medieval period.
So Austen’s deeper reasons only emerge after a color-conceptual reading of Emma; that by elevating whites to their high level of civilization, and to actually dilute their pure blood with whites; European Blacks have lost their power and were even losing more power if they did not change their ways.
Now can we still disregard color when Jane Austen herself dwells on and amplifies this quality in all her writings? When her godfather, Mr. Nibbs was a plantation owner on Antigua, and she discusses slavery in Mansfield Park. And even her circle of family and friends cared to point out that she was not pink but brown.

The idea of human races, as a predictable biological and a psychological phenomenon has long ago been discredited, yet is today still in full swing. Especially when it comes to identifying Blacks, in order to exclude Blacks from history.
Like how pharaohs, Africans, are improbably turned into blue eyed, white potentates ruling over Blacks and overseeing the building of the pyramids! This makes one wonder why they did not built pyramids in Amsterdam, London or Paris; but in Africa?

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Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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