White genocide

I agree we have a mental health problem and not so much a gun problem. White/lights not all but in totality as a race whites are mentally ill and since they got ahold of guns with their white identity they have ravaged and destroyed the world..Ancients likened white men to being feminine with their white skin and bulky frames.

It was said fighting them would be no different then fighting women and child true Greeks stated this and clearly they were not white. White men’s number 1 enemy is Black men as our dominant genes spell genetic annihilation for the recessive white men’s genes, bulky frames which could together make them built for not to cold or hot weather and bouts of only sudden exertion. Ancients also spoke on Black’s varsity sexually.

The Gun for white men represents what genetically they do not have and made and makes them able to defeat the greatest specimen on earth the Black race. Then their own science proves Black’s are literally their parents another blow to their already frail ego. And these illness are attached to the totality of non Brown men and inspires their theft if our history and propaganda about Black’s globally.

So we can’t allow gun control because that’s the last wall keeping us from being completely wiped out as whites/lights are morally and legally corrupt and operate with 0 honor or rules. My solution give then and any who agree and follow them the whole of Europe and without us in 500 years told they will die out via killing eachother and the fact they can barely procreate anymore. But Black’s living in white country’s will never be treated as human much less proper as a whole. All that happens is they get whites disease which is to operate as an enemy against nature. The sun is the essence of life and literally kills white/lights like a cruel joke God/nature played on them. Their illness for all the reasons above will never get better as they know without guns they are lepers of world.


The Project Gutenberg Etext of Hellenica by Xenophon
Translation by H. G. Dakyns

I.e. at Ephesus.

But, instead of marching straight into Caria, Agesilaus turned sharp off in the opposite direction towards Phrygia. Picking up various detachments of troops which met him on his march, he steadily advanced, laying cities prostrate before him, and by the unexpectedness of his attack reaping a golden harvest of spoil.

As a rule the march was prosecuted safely; but not far from Dascylium his advanced guard of cavalry were pushing on towards a knoll to take a survery of the state of things in front B.C. 395. After this, at the first indication of spring, he collected the whole of his army at Ephesus. But the army needed training.

With that object he proposed a series of prizes–prizes to the heavy infantry regiments, to be won by those who presented their men in the best condition; prizes for the cavalry regiments which could ride best; prizes for those divisions of peltasts and archers which proved most efficient in their respective duties.

And now the gymnasiums were a sight to see, thronged as they were, one and all, with warriors stripping for exercise; or again, the hippodrome crowded with horses and riders performing their evolutions; or the javelin men and archers going through their peculiar drill. In fact, the whole city where he lay presented under his hands a spectacle not to be forgotten. The market-place literally teemed with horses, arms, and accoutrements of all sorts for sale.

The bronze-worker, the carpenter, the smith, the
leather-cutter, the painter and embosser, were all busily engaged in fabricating the implements of war; so that the city of Ephesus itself was fairly converted into a military workshop. It would have done a man’s heart good to see those long lines of soldiers with Agesilaus at their head, as they stepped gaily be-garlanded from the gymnasiums to dedicate their wreaths to the goddess Artemis.

Nor can I well conceive of elements more fraught with hope than were here combined. Here were reverence and piety towards Heaven; here practice in war and military training; here discipline with habitual obedience to authority. But contempt for one’s enemy will infuse a kind of strength in battle.

So the Spartan leader argued; and with a view to its production he ordered the quartermasters to put up the prisoners who had been captured by his foraging bands for auction, stripped naked; so that his Hellenic soldiery, as they looked at the white skins which had never been bared to sun and wind, the soft limbs unused to toil through constant riding in carriages, came to the conclusion that war with such adversaries would differ little from a fight with women. Dascylium (near modern day Ergili, Turkey)

Attached are how Ancients depicted Black men. These are true Romans and Greeks.

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Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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