If you’ll notice in paragraph 9 of the Virginia charter of 1606 … the king declares that all his heirs and successors were to also receive the same amount of gold, silver and copper that he claimed with this Charter.

The gold that remained in the colonies was also the kings. He provided the remainder as a benefit for his subjects, which amounted to further use of his capital. You will see in this paper that not only is this valid, but it is still in effect today. If you will read the rest of the Virginia Charter you will see that the king declared the right and exercised the power to regulate every aspect of commerce in his new colony.

A license had to be granted for travel connected with transfer of goods (commerce) right down to the furniture they sat on. A great deal of the king’s declared property was ceded to America in the Treaty of 1783. I want you to stay focused on the money and the commerce which was not ceded to America…that’s what let’s you know who actually rules things.

This was to the following effect that, “The house would consider as enemies to his majesty and the country, all those who should advise or by any means attempt the further prosecution of offensive war, on the continent of North America, for the purpose of reducing the colonies to obedience by force.”

This motion after a feeble opposition was carried without a division, and put a period to all that chicanery by which ministers meant to distinguish between a prosecution of offensive war in North America, and a total dereliction of it.

This resolution and the preceding address, to which it had reference, may be considered as the closing scene of the American war (emphasis added). Hence the language and dictating in both of those treaties by England
The king was making a commercial venture when he sent his subjects to America, and used his money and resources to do so. I think you would admit the king had a lawful right to receive gain and prosper from his venture.

In the Virginia Charter he declares his sovereignty over the land and his subjects and in paragraph 9 he declares the amount of gold, silver and copper he is to receive if any is found by his subjects.

There could have just as easily been none, or his subjects could have been killed by the Indians. This is why this was a valid right of the king (Jure Coronae, “In right of the crown,” Black’s fourth Ed.), the king expanded his resources with the risk of total loss.

 There appeared for the adjournment 215 and against it 234. The original motion, and an address to the King formed upon the resolution were then carried without division, and the address was ordered to be presented by the whole house. To this his majesty answered, “that in pursuance of their advice, he would take such measures as should appear to him the most conducive to the restoration of harmony, between Great Britain and the revolted colonies.” The thanks of the house were voted for this answer. But the guarded language thereof, not inconsistent with further hostilities against America; together with other suspicious circumstances, induced General Conway to move another resolution, expressed in the most decisive language.
So in a nutshell the 1776 war was an outgrowth of what happened in 1688 and what happened in 1776 and 1812 was and is an outgrowth of what took place in the Civil War of 1863 and all wars thereafter. All can be seen as an imperialistic outgrowth of this metastatic cancer later to be called Manifest Destiny that was never checked appropriately at the door of LIBERTY although their was a hearty try and till today the quest for our BLACK PRIVILEGE is still in full swing. This is evident of the African Union initiative started by Gaddafi in which we stated earlier that they can kill the dreamer but the dream must actualize and become true as well as what’s happening in So. Africa with Malema in which I wholly agree I mean wtf Isaiah FREEDOM isn’t free and those PINKS in So. Africa are full of self pride that they can’t see their own downfall coming as the bible says “ Pride comes before the fall”

In which Lord Mansfield decision rippled through the colonies like a tsunami that stated in a nutshell that slavery was forbidden and not supported by common law in Britain and Wales and therefore the so called slave that came to England (Somerset) with his owner Stewart was released from bondage (see wikipedia).

So at each step towards the independence of the settlers was a step towards ultimate war with Britain as the colonist grew tired of asking HRH for more slaves and due to the fall of the RAC
(Royal African Company) and those steps were:

1 The Glorious Rebellion

2 The Stono Revolt

3 Gaspee Revolt

4 Jamaican Maroons

5 Manhattan 1712 and 1741

6 Antigua 1736

7 Dunmore edict

8 Somerset Case

9 Stamp Act

10 Declaratory Act

And so these acts and revolts spurred the colonist to disobey the direct order from King George 3rd to not venture West beyond the Appalachian Mountains and therefore all acquisitions made were and still are ILLEGAL acquisitions up to and including Hawaii and Alaska which were not afforded on their respective plebiscite the Right to remain sovereign.

As a side note these rapist pedos were also deeply INDEBTED to the RAC and this played a role in wanting INDEPENDENCE from England to escape these debts of which Geo Washington Jefferson Adams just to name a few were due and owing 100s of 1000s if not millions of livres to the RAC.

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Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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