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Why is this beast computer in Brussels, Belgium shaped like the great mother/ Mount Meru/ the Garden of Eden in lower Ethiopia?: Well, because the Beast Computer is a Supercomputer (quantum computer) that is a reflection of mother Mary (the garden of Eden) or Mount Meru, which is located at the Arctic North Pole (see 1595 Mercator Map of the Arctic North pole).

All life and civilization is said to come from the NORTH, according to various myths. This makes sense, because the Arctic North pole is feed by the Blue cross (the North star or the pole star), which is the first star and the highest star that created all other stars. All of the stars revolve around the Pole Star. It is the Pole star that spins the Zodiac wheel (the constellations) or the Big Dipper in a Clockwise rotation to create the Electromagnetic energy that feeds and sustains all life on Earth:

The Black magnetic rock or Mountain (the Kaba or the Tree of life) at the center of the 1595 Mercator map use to be a huge tree called the Tree of Life, and it aligns perfectly with the Blue Cross or the Pole Star that rotates it clockwise from above. All water (life) is recycled or Anew (Anu) at the Arctic North pole and the interesting thing about this recycling process is that the water flows inwardly from the 4 rivers that feed the tree of life or the Kaba (the Black Ice Cube in the center) and drain around the Kaba. The draining of the water around the Black Ice Cube or the Kaba creates a powerful vortex that powers all life on this planet.

Yes, Mother Earth is a Free Energy device. Think of Mother Earth as a Motor, since the word Motor comes from the word Mother. The Human body is even a Free Energy device in which the key aspect is water, since our bodies are over 75% water. The Tartarians, Moors, or Atlanteans (all one and the same people) are known for Building their Gothic and Greco-Roman Architecture around water, because water was part of their Free Energy system. The Moors or the Tartarians where masters of free energy and we built it in our architecture:

I just shared a YouTube video from a European and his channel is called, “When the Buildings Cried out.” This video proves that the Moors were into free energy and that we are a Holographic (Hologram) projection of Electromagnetic energy/ light. The video demonstrates that the grid that the Moors built on resembles a computer circuit board. I believe this since I have seen and shared videos from Jon Levi of him proving that the Tartars built on a Grid that resembles a computer circuit board. The video is called “Living on a computer”:

But what is the Source of the computer grid, or this natural supercomputer that we all live on? Well, Mount Meru/ the Arctic North Pole, aka, the Garden of Eden, is the Source and the natural Supercomputer, because it is the clockwise rotation of the poles (above and below) that generate the electromagnetic energy that creates and sustains all life. We have duality (positive/ male and negative/ female), which is life or creation, because of El-ectricity (Emmanu-el: Jesus) and Magnetism (Mary Magdalene). Will your car start without the negative charge from your battery? Can a man (positive pole) produce life without a Women (negative pole)? The answer is no to all of the above, because duality is life and there is no good without evil.

Mount Meru is a earthly reflection of the Blue Cross (the North star or pole star) and the Blue Shield (the Zodiac wheel or the big dipper) that feeds it as the Blue Rays of Cosmic Electromagnetic energy spiral down to power Mount Meru, the great Mother of terrestrial creation. Notice the Taw (X), the swastika, and the cross pattern (all one and the same pattern since we are dealing with symbols of free energy) that form at Mount Meru, due to the four rivers that drain inwardly around the Kaba or magnetic cube in the center of the 1595 Mercator map.

Mount Meru is actually one human cell that went tetrad to create four parts or four landmasses (see images of cell that went tetrad. The scientific term is called Meiosis). Amazing, how your body is a reflection of Mount Meru, the Supercomputer, since you have cells that went tetrad and the human form is Mount Meru with its four limbs and a Nav-el (navel). The Navel button or belly button is the Center or source of Electromagnetic Energy for the Human body, because this is where the energy of the body meets up at and this is where the energy is most concentrated at too. This is why martial arts instructors will tell you to breath from your Navel and to strike from your Navel, because it is your source of power. Also, when someone hits you in the belly button (the navel) hard enough they will knock the breath of life out of you, so yes, the Navel is the Kaba or the Source of life of the Human body.

The powers that be have created their own Mount Meru or Garden of Eden with the Beast Computer in Brussels, Belgium, and their intent is to create a synthetic universe so that they can keep us in a time loop to keep the Golden Race from ascending to the Golden Age. This is all about technology to keep their kind here and technology to keep the Golden Race under their control. This beast computer is powered by CERN. When they turn on CERN to power up the beast supercomputer we will have a synthetic pole shift and the North pole will now be in Brussels, Belgium where the beast computer is located at. The powers that be plan on beating mother nature’s pole shift on December 21, 2020, so that they can try to control the outcome. Peace.

By wmb3331

Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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