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This is Sarah Collins Rudolph, She is the only survivor of the 16th Bap. Church bombings in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963. Most of us never heard about her. Her older sister, Addie Mae Collins, was one of the 4 young girls killed. Sarah lost an eye due to her extensive injuries and today she suffers from PTSD. The State of Alabama refuses to compensate her for her pain and suffering thru out her 62 yrs. She and her husband have had to scrap to get by and she has to pay for medical bills for surgeries she still have after all these years and this is what Alabama Mayor Bell said:

Birmingham Mayor William Bell says he’s not insensitive. He appreciates the trauma Sarah Rudolph has been through. But, he says, the city cannot just write her a check. “When you say ‘reparation,’ that puts a whole different legal terminology in place that we’re not capable — nor are we legally obligated — to do,” Bell says.

Can you believe that! So we are simply asking EVERYONE to sign a Petition for Mrs. Collins Rudolph can be compensated for her injuries, surgeries, pain and suffering.

Please help The 5th Little Girl, by signing the petition, donating towards her retirement, sharing to your page, and asking local churches, temples, or other places of faith to help Mrs. Collins Rudolph. Thank You


donations for her retirement:…/let-s-retire-sarah-collins-rudol…

Her story:


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