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Egypt – This is what a high official from Pharaoh Zoser looked like.
“In order to get “almost” all of the people introduced in an understandable way, we sometimes had to move ahead in time. We are now back in Egypt, to pickup their story we have to go back a few thousand years.

When last we left Egypt, King Narmer had just united upper and lower Egypt. We pickup from there.
The old kingdom

So now, we are back in Egypt and by now Egypt has been moving right along, it has gone through two dynasties and many kings. Its religion has become more refined, its society even more organized, and much more affluent. We start with Sanakhte, uncertainty swirls around the placement, and also the events of the 3rd Dynasty king known as Sanakhte (Sanakht). He may have been Nebka, who was known to manetho, and listed on both the Turin Cannon and the Abydos king list as the first king of this dynasty. However, this is problematic to say the least, for we base our belief that he was Nebka on a source that lists his Horus name Sanakhte, together with a second name that ends with the element “ka”.

Most of the information we have on this king refers to him as Nebka. In fact, some sources list the two as separate kings, with Nebka founding the 3rd Dynasty and Sanakhte ruling later, perhaps after Khaba However, despite this, mud seal impressions bearing the name of Nethery-khet Djoser from the Abydos tomb of the last king of the 2nd Dynasty Khasekhemuy and connected with the burial seem to suggest that Khasekhemuy’s widow and her already ruling son Djoser were in charge of the king’s burial. On the basis of sealing from the tomb of Khasekhemwy, which name her as “Mother of the King’s Children,” the wife of the last ruler of the 2nd Dynasty seems to have been one Nimaethap.

By now, the king of Egypt has the wealth and power to undertake monumental building projects. And so it is, that Netjerikhet Djoser (Zoser), the second King of Egypt’s 3rd Dynasty, and his grand vizier and architect “Imhotep” set about to build the first Monumental stone structure ever created, the Step Pyramid. ”

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