The struggle

Today, we lost a great ICON of the civil rights era but I am writing this not as a criticism of John Lewis for what he did was an enormous feat and another part of the bridge we needed to reach the goals of parity and justice in America.

But whats on my mind is simply the fact that was it truly necessary for him to suffer the indignities of racial animus whose origins we seem to ignore without fully understanding those arrows, knives and bullets that riddled the bodies of so many people over the past 150 yrs since the passage of the 1866 civil rights act as well as the injuries done to our collective conscious and our DUTY to uphold those stalwart values of our Constitution of the USA.

It is, based on my understanding that we as a nation and under the apartheid system that developed thereafter the passage of the 1866 CRA lead to tyranny disguised as DEMOCRACY whereby whites have been in the drivers seat at the federal, state and local levels writing Color of Law laws that benefited themselves at the political, economic and social destruction of Black people as a whole and as we know ( black people) are the true indigenous INDIANS of the land we call the AMERICAS and in this case the USA.

Such laws, policies and regulations that were written are known as Color of Law laws meaning I am white and I say so law.

Such arrogance has been at the forefront of our political and economic genesis in America that has wrought an egregious end to black wealth that was accumulated by Black people with an estimated ownership of land of 20 plus million acres with a net wealth in todays money of 30 trillion dollars to say the least.

Not only did we see an end and deterioration of wealth via land but as a capitalist nation weve seen a lost of political and economic self determination that out paced whites 70 to 1.

During the Black Wall Street eras the DOLLAR circulated in the Black community 30 times before it left the community a community based of economic self determination, with political and economic power that was starting to influence the Young nation known as the USA in the direction of a BLACK political and economic hegemony that would have dictated laws, policies and regulation driven by BLACK hands.

Such a hegemony was something that Whites couldnt allow to happen, be it known directly or indirectly as to what happened to them in Europe as they were oppressed mightily by the Black and Royal elites.

Such history details are absent in the pages and annals of American History and for good reason, to say that King James , Charles and George sent to the Americas so called whites as we know them today would be nothing short of a dagger in the out right lies, myths and delusional fantasies of a people who say they are superior but are not, to be superior one doesnt have to thump their chest and cheat their way to the top by writing laws that disparage the political and economic Will an direction of a self determined people except OUT OF FEAR.

This is exactly the position that Blacks face in todays economic and political environment, one filled with lies and deceit and a delusional concept that sadly has lead to the10s of thousands of people being killed, shot, stabbed and beaten etc.

If in fact the CRA of 1866 has its full weight and impact that can be used and felt today, and it does, than all of the Color of Law laws, policies and regulations passed to limit, oppress, stagnate and keep the Black population from achieving political and economic supremacy would have been used to its greatest effect to make sure that ALL people are given life, liberty and pursuit of happiness as a GOD given right and a Right not given by any man out of some charitable means and or act.

This was the goal of the people then during RECONSTRUCTION to make sure that ALL people are given the inalienable right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

But, due to the mental illness of the White southerner and their miserable attempt to revive a dead cause later to be known as the Lost Cause, gave way to a mentality based on greed, lust and others of the 7 deadly sins that has done irreparable damage to the soul and humanity of whites to whereby they cant see their own downfall due to pride for pride COMES before the fall.

To sum it all up, I will suffice to say this, when one feast upon the delicate morsels of evil that seems to dull the senses of sensibilities to the point where one doesnt care and lose their way along the highway of humanity it is then that evil destroys you always and in all ways and at that point its to late to turn around and due the courageous, right, and just thing.

Therefore, be strong, be courageous and as our passing Brother John said stay in GOOD TROUBLE.

Your brother in the struggle


By wmb3331

Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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