The Silk Road

The Ontology of Human Civilization
*Asiatic Rivers vs African Rivers*
*Phoenicians, Africa, & Trade*
*Before the Silk Road*No photo description available.

**Phoenician Empire

Legend has it, the Phoenicians came to the Mediterranean from the Red Sea. They were seafarers and were most likely to have come from port cities from around Somalia to (Zanzibar) Tanzania, some where in the areas of East Africa.No photo description available.

As a matter of fact, although the Phoenicians are the former Admirals of the Sea, the world’s latest custodians of Language, Law, & Commercial (Codes) Cannons, take note that they are denied their history as a reigning world empire. However, it should be well known that the Phoenicians founded Lebanon, Carthage, & Venice, 3 major states on all 3 continents, Asia, Africa, & Europe.No photo description available.

This is undoubtedly because the Roman Empire clashed with the Phoenicians and conquered their lands, usurped their political power and re-wrote their history. Remember the Septuagint was written during the Punic Wars, and now anytime paleontologist find Canaanite writing in any artifacts anywhere around the world, including north and south America, they credit the claims of those findings to being Hebrew text.

**The Silk Road

The silk road is a relatively new concept romanticized with stories like Marco Polo, a fairytale legend who had never really existed in the first place. The folktale takes place during the 13th century during the reign of Pope Gregory and Great Kublai Khan.

Colonization teaches us that the silk road has been in occupation since the 1st millennia b.c.e. and that it was based on “Silk” a commodity that the Chinese had to trade. The travel route is described as a 5,000 mile land journey from the borders of Europe to the gates of China and in the myth, Marco Polo is a Venetian who was sent by the Pope to establish a trade relationship with the grandson of the great Genghis Khan.

However the facts of the matter is that in reality, the original Phoenicians were Seafaring traders who traded in the Americas, they circumnavigated Africa, and traded in Asia by way of sea in the Indian Ocean with Arabs and the Hindu, and off the shores of the pacific coast with southeast and far east Asians. Phoenicians have be trading since at least the 15th century b.c.e. so Marco Polo the Venetian / Phoenician traversing terrain for the Byzantine Pope is just a bad joke. To really end this rumor, Silk for Europeans became a Elizabeth and victorian era fetish, which earned the silk road it’s name. The true obsession of the Asian trade market were Spices, and the major trade distribution was done via maritime.

The first World Trade Center was the Mediterranean Sea, where Africa, Asia, & Europe met. The legend of the Silk Road fabricates an illusion that Europeans and Chinese were the alpha and omega of trade & commerce, since antiquity. Their “Silk Road” took Africa completely out of the equation indirectly insinuating Africa had no role at the table of world trade when in reality, Africa brought more natural resources which granted Africans more bargaining chips then any European or Asiatic people.


1) Tigris/Euphrates
2) Hindus/Gangus
3) Huang/Mekong

1) Nile
2) Niger
3) Zaire/Zambezi

Colonial academia have gone far enough to claim they don’t know where the Canaanite came from, although Herodotus their Greek father of history wrote that it is said the Phoenicians came from the Red Sea. However, they claim to believe the Phoenicians probably came from some where in Asia.

Colonial academia goes even further and claim that humanity was conceived in on the Asiatic continent in the fertile crescent, in between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Claim the 3 River civilizations of Asia cradled and nurtured the development of civilization.

Scientist credit “river life” because where there is freshwater their is an economy. The river is a reliable source to drinking, fishing, fertile soil for agriculture, and a means for transportation. i.e. seafaring. Therefore, they claim that the life of humanity and the first 3 great civilizations started in Asia. Yet in a brief observation and cross examination, all these claims should be challenged.

If these are the natural factors that determine the likely hood of the origin of human life and civilization, to be fair, the Asiatic theory must be a reconsidered. The continent of Africa has over 3 dozens rivers and over dozen major lakes. Compare that to Asia’s 3 lakes and 15 rivers.

Africa is home to both the worlds longest (in distance) and the worlds deepest rivers, the Nile & Zaire (Congo) Rivers. Essentially Africa is a water world.

The Zaire (Congo) River is not just the deepest river in the world but it also has over 4,000 inhabitable islands in it’s midst. So you have to realize that the craft of sailing was mandatory; not just for trade & migration either, but for simply surviving one of Earth’s most fundamental elements.

Had life began on the Asiatic Rivers banks, there would be no need to develop maritime trade because the 3 major Asiatic river civilization are not directly interconnected by water, they’re connected by land thus fore it would’ve been more convenient to trek the the terrain to commence in any trading with one another, seafaring would’ve been completely unnecessary. So the origin of naval skill would not have, and did not develop, in Asiatic civilizations.

The age of Asiatic River Civilizations can not compare to the age of African River Civilizations. In fact we can look at the names of the Asiatic rivers such as the (Indus Rivers)”gANGes”, or the (Yellow Rivers) “mekANG”, “yANGzi”, “shANG’, “huANG he”. All these Rivers were named by the a language phoneme that was brought to these different regions and established these River Civilizations. “ANG” is translation of the word “ANKH”. That is something that emerged from the continent of Africa.

This is every major city in China, because China was founded by African Asiatics known as the X’ANG / SHANG Dynasty.

[chANGsha – yichANG- chANGdu – guANGling -nanyANG (wanchANG) – euyoANG – chANG’an -hanchANG (nanChANG) – guANGshou -YanjANG (BeijANG)]

**The difference between a Society and Civilization

According to Colonial Academia, cultural evolution falls under 3 categories: Savage, Barbaric, & Civilized. Because these were the phases the Caucasians evolved from, they argued all human societies progressed through these stages.

1) Savage: Hunters & Gatherers
2) Barbaric: Husbandry & Agriculture
3) Civilized: Writing, Reading, Science, & Math

As they learned Colonist added 3 stages of civilization.

1) Military society
2) Legal society
3) Industrial society

Well if this is all the case, Proto Saharan artifacts already proved Africans developed a writing script before the the Mesopotamian civilizations of Akkad or Sumer were even conceived. Also the history of language, religious vocabulary, and the science of spirituality was founded on Husbandry & Agriculture and can only be depicted & displayed in full spectrum via African speech & African artifacts. Furthermore, the root word in Primitive is Prime.

With that being said, large steps for mankind has contributed to bounce back leaps for humanity. I say this because the first Homo Sapiens Sapiens walked up right and migrated out of Africa as Hunters & Gathers and everywhere we went we left works of art. Cave paintings depicting melenated beings can be traced all over the word proving African’s with their primitive technologies were the first people to circumnavigate the planet as they planted the grass roots of this thing here; what you call Civilization.

Military? Before the Germanic tribes of western European ascended into Rome bring her to Ruins, Africans. like the military genius Hannibal, already had troops in formation. Before many indigenous tribes had ever seen a blond hair, blue eyed Pirate, tribal leaders like the Zulu Nation’s had their own military tactics Caucasians later adopted.

In fact, the world’s very first treaty was discovered in the tomb of an ancient African, the Hittite-Egyptian Peace Treaty. Also the world oldest documented Legal System is found in Africa, in Ta Seti Nubia, known as The Law of Ma’at.

As if I haven’t stressed this enough, I can not forget to mention the African invention of reed boats ancient Ta Meri of Kemet usded (since at least 4000 b.c.e), which can carry 100 tons, easy. If that doesn’t spell out trade-commerce & industry enough, then I have to remind you that Africans have been mining, melting, and molding minerals such as Gold since before biblical history and the land before time. We can not say the same for any other race, continent, or civilization. Is this civil enough for western academia? It is fair to say, civilization was developed by Africans, in Africa.

The Continent of Africa is in the shape of the number 9. It was formed in a spiral format. The center of the Spiral is located near Lake Chad in the ancient Nok Civilization, home of ILE IFE, on the Benue River. Benue is an African word that means Human Being. The word Benue spread all the way around the world, from Benue to Manu, this is the origin of the word Man. The Benue River stems from the Niger River, the word Niger comes from [GER-N-GER & NGORO-NGORO], meaning the Light of Life. Right there, in Africa, is the true Fertile Crescent and from Lake Chad to the Great Lakes of Nyaza is the Cradle of Civilization.

360˚ Righteous Knowledge
720˚ Wisdom of Self
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360˚ Righteous Knowledge
720˚ Wisdom of Self
1080˚ Knowledge of Universe, Universal Wisdom, Supreme Intuitive Logic

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