The Real KKK

In his book Klu Klux Spirit Jamaican scholar J.A. Rogers explains that the earliest Klu Klux Clan members were largely poor whites who showed up at the homes of Black former slaves (who were almost always more skilled than their poor white counterparts and therefore had an easier time finding employment) wearing scary costumes and non-violently begged for food.
This book suggests that the KKK concept was originally based on the Jonkunoo masquerades of the West Indies where revelers wear scary looking costumes and parade through the streets begging passerbys for money and food. If you denied them they would swarm you until you gave in to their demands.
A question we might want to ask is how did these poor whites in North America, who may very well have been the descendants of indentured servants, gain access to West Indian culture which has origins in West Africa? It’s interesting to note that multiple Blacks in North America who were already free and owned land and had servants prior to the civil war were of West Indian descent. Prince Hall, the founder of the first Black Freemasonic lodge in North America, is just one of multiple examples in the North East alone.
Quetzalcoatl the Aztec feathered serpent bearing the instruments of civilization wears a conical shaped headdress as do the Bambara spiritual medicine men of Mali.
Just as the Mayans appropriated cultural innovations of the Olmec, the Aztec did the same with the gods of the Mayans. Hence Quetzalcoatl of the Aztecs was initially KuKulKan (KKK) of the ancient Maya. KuKulKan descends a pyramid containing four 90 degree angles that equal 360 degrees. His descent is seen via the serpentine moving shadow created by the burning sun scorching the 360 degree pyramid.
The early Ku Klux Klan (KKK) wore a conical shaped headdress and scorched crosses which contain 360 degrees to mirror the Mayan pyramidal geometry.
During the Reconstruction Era of the United States the Black Man and Woman were the living embodiment of KuKulKan because they were the most SKILLED members of the U.S. labor force on the heels of the collapse of the slave plantation economy.
Envious whites who could not compete with the Black emissaries of civilization in creating businesses created the Klu Klux Klan to intimidate them into an inferior social status through acts of terrorism.Image may contain: 1 person, standing
The Klan is a quasi-Freemasonic organization, which means that its earliest members were occultists. The Klan appropriated the imagery of the ancient American civilization bringer so that they could usurp the energy of the civilization bringers of Reconstruction Era America.
There is also a connection between the Klan regalia, the Egungun masqueraders of West Africa, and what Spaniards wear in traditional ceremonies commemorating the expulsion of the Moors during the Reconquista. The place where I stayed in my visit to Mexico last year featured architectural designs that are distinctly Moorish. Of course the Spaniards who colonized Mexico were under some of the cultural influences of the Moors.

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