The Phoenix rises

theres alot of great info here guys and I truly appreciate the honest effort and thought of each post i think we need to analyze the data from all sources so we can crystallize out which is which and how we can formalize the information in a text book format for our kids. as you know the educational system in America and across the globe legitimizes a false narrative in favor of the pale people at the exclusion of our peple the true white people Caucasian aryan european anglo saxon. with that being said we cannot afford to be divisive in our approach to the hearts souls and minds of our children in the schools across america and the world its on us to be forthright and attentive to the education of those kids who represent the future of our growing dynasties. we must fight and continue to educate these lil kings and queens so they can KNOW there history for a tree with roots flourishes and grows mightily. With this being said I would like to thank all who have contributed to this growing forum and as a side note just like the whites in America and across the globe espec in America we must PUSH to have our voices and history written back into the curriculum of our educational systems in America and this can only happen when our political might n muscle and connection grows along with the 2 other rings of power that are akin to the ultimate hegemony in our burgeoning democratic economy which means those who have the gold makes the rules dont hate the game and dont hate the players get in where u fit in n fit in where u get in period. I ve taken liberty to carefully look at the evidences provided by all the contributers here and I am truly impressed by the level of honesty in your approach and acquisitions of the knowledge that you guys have and continue to improve on. Now I truly have an affinity for the americas and I truly believe that the Americas as and is our first NATIVE land but not at the exclusion of the continent of MOTHER AFRICA since i said BELIEVE leaves the door open to more discovery since theres always more evidence that is being discovered and brought to the forefront and PERHAPS we truly dont know how far back we GOOOO. Wehn and after reading the bhagavad Gita one leaves witht he impression that black folks been in existence for BILLIONS of years and that were only 2 sec older than dirt, I ve read where a Brothers dna went back almost 400k yrs ago there have been site in Africa proper that dates back 230k yrs and in the Americas as well we find and have seen evidences of cocaine in mummies n nicotine being found that are American in nature along with animals of different species that are indigenous to the Americas found in and on the African continent. With all of this being found said, done and studied one has to come away with a sense of AWE as to how GREAT and mighty our people are to be so resilient, steadfast, forthright intelligent wise smart beyond words is just mind boggling and to me perhaps we just have to take a few steps back and look at this CANVAS of resiliency and SAY YES WE DID YES WE CAN and STILL YES WE MUST keep moving forward and keep challenging our selves as individuals and as a group to MAKE a difference for our KIDS EYES are watching our every move. For this my conclusion is an OPEN one that is inclusive and not divisive that I see an endless opportunity that only comes from the and a UNITED FRONT whereby we give it our all in conquering the world around us that begins with ourselves individually speaking that when we control the 3 rings of power we can and will voice our intents and activate them for our OWN aggrandizement and they are the areas of politics economics and religion or spirituality. To conclude but its an open conclusion I see AFRICA beginning and ending at the 4 corners of the world and with in that realm we must see ourselves as the dynamic people that we are always advancing always moving always doing for the GREATER GOOD the summum bonum of humanity. Rickito SlimBull Barron Claiborne El RoJo Johnson Chito Wildman Pa Donte Chase Bridges Cheryl Wooding Mandakiwi Ross Tasha Xi Barry MachiavellianGary Wilson Olmecah XI Renee Curtis Casey King Nae Nae Hutchins EL Zumbi X Aborigine Isaiah Isra’el and all of my bros and sister in the fight for the restoration of our black privilege and world wide domination we lost in 1492 THE BLACK PHOENIX IS RISING my people keep it moving

By wmb3331

Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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