The Original


The Original Black Cultures of Eastern Europe and Asia

And their first contacts with the invading Albino People of Central Asia

(China and South Asia are treated separately)




Is this worth reading – is it True?

On the matter of credibility: On first reading, readers of these pages generally feel amazement, the concept of Blacks being the original settlers, and builders of the first civilizations everywhere, including Europe, is particularly unsettling to them. Both Black and White, because they were taught that there were no Blacks in Europe until the Romans brought them. Then some Blacks correctly say: Uh huh, I knew the Whites were lying, and then go on to enjoy their edification. But Whites remain incredulous, they say: this is simply Blacks with no accomplishments, trying to steal White accomplishment and history! They say, if this was true, my Teachers and Professors would have taught it to me. So either this is lies, or the information is so new that my Teachers and Professors don’t know about it yet!

Update 2016: for reasons unknown, the British have decided to break with the Albino pact: and agreed to teach that Blacks were the original settlers of Europe.

Click here for the NewsPaper Announcements: << Click >>

For reasons unknown, after years of the usual racist nonsense, Wikipedia has allowed articles indicating the true origin (Asia) of Europe’s White people (Albinos):

Click here for the article titled: “Migration Period”.

Click here for the article titled: The Kurgan hypothesis or the Steppe hypothesis.

Well No, though it may be comforting to believe that your Teachers and Professors are of sufficient character that they would not lie to you, the facts do not support that conclusion. The fact is that European scientists had evidence, and knew from earlier that the 19th century, of the Black mans central role in settling and establishing civilization in Europe and everywhere else. The exhibits below attest to the fact that this knowledge was known over a hundred years ago. So either your Teachers and Professors are indeed liars, or they were very poorly educated.




















And Finally: out of the very mouths of half-way “Honest” Albino Scientists:

The “Pièce de Résistance” (pardon our French).




Neolithic = 10,200 B.C. to 4,500 B.C.
Pleistocene = 126,000 to 9,700 B.C.

What Brace and his colleges are saying here: is that as the African Farmers who had migrated up to the Middle East, started to spread out across the Mediterranean area and Europe, they encountered the Khoisan Grimaldi Hunter-gather people who had settled those areas circa 45,000 B.C. The Khoisan Grimaldi people then “ABSORBED” the Middle-Easterners” and their Farming culture.







Please note: the Wiki article above about the Oghuz Turks, gives the erroneous impression that all the people of the Balkans are Turks and Muslim. That is not necessarily the case, numerically Slavs, and perhaps Christians, are the more numerous group in Eastern Europe.

Slav people – The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica

Slavs: member of the most numerous ethnic and linguistic body of peoples in Europe, residing chiefly in eastern and southeastern Europe but extending also across northern Asia to the Pacific Ocean. Slavic languages belong to the Indo-European family. Customarily, Slavs are subdivided into East Slavs (chiefly Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians), West Slavs (chiefly Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, and Wends, or Sorbs), and South Slavs (chiefly Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, Slovenes, Macedonians, and Montenegrins). Bulgarians, though of mixed origin like the Hungarians, speak a Slavic language and are often designated as South Slavs. The majority of Slavic Muslims are found in Bosnia, Herzegovina, and southern Bulgaria.

At this time we do not know what the Invading Turks and Slavs

did to the Black people of Eastern Europe: after the destruction of the

Black Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium) in 1453.




Newspaper Headline:

The first Europeans: Bust Created from fragments of a fossil.

By David Derbyshire
5th May 2009

Click here, for Link to the story at the Daily Mail U.K.


Face of the first European: The Newspaper story…

Quote: This clay sculpture portrays the face of the earliest known modern European – a man or woman who hunted deer and gathered fruit and herbs in ancient forests more than 35,000 years ago. It was created by Richard Neave; one of Britain’s leading forensic scientists, using fossilized fragments of skull and jawbone found in a cave seven years ago.

His recreation offers a tantalizing glimpse into life before the dawn of civilization. It also shows the close links between the first European settlers and their immediate African ancestors. It was made for the BBC2 series The Incredible Human Journey. This will follow the evolution of humans from the cradle of Africa to the waves of migrations that saw Homo sapiens colonize the globe. (The program will be shown on BBC2 at 9.30pm on May 10).

The head is based on remains of one of the earliest known anatomically modern Europeans. The lower jawbone was discovered by potholers in Pestera cu Oase, the “cave with bones”, located in the southwestern Carpathian Mountains of Romania in 2002. The rest of the fragments were found the following year. The bones were carbon-dated to between 34,000 and 36,000 years ago when Europe was occupied by two species of human. They were the Neanderthals, who had arrived from Africa tens of thousands of years earlier, and the more recent modern humans, also known as Cro-Magnons. Although the skull is similar to a modern human head, it has a larger cranium, is more robust and has larger molars. Fossil experts are also unsure if the skull was male or female.



A subsequent DNA study by David Reich & Svante Pääbo titled: “An early modern human from Romania with a recent Neanderthal ancestor:” Terms the specimen “Oase-1” and re-dates it to 37,000–42,000-years-old. Oase-1 belongs to the Y-dna haplogroup F, which is carried by most males in Eurasia today. The Mtdna = N. Study quote: We then find that the Oase 1 individual shares equally as many alleles with early Europeans, as with present-day East Asians and Native Americans.



As is always the case with White people, and information regarding race; there is always the likelihood of falsehood or misinformation. In this case the Romanian bones are not even close to being the oldest found in Europe. That honor goes to the Skeletons that were found in the caverns of Grimaldi (Baousse-Rousse), between Mentone and Ventimiglia and on the Italian side of the international boundary. These caverns form one of the most compact groups of Paleolithic caverns in all Europe – these skeletons are “COMPLETE” and date to 43,000 B.C. More on the Grimaldi skeletons: Click here >>>

So why all of the fuss over a few “skull bones” when there are complete skeletons available, which are much older? Simple, the underlined text above tells the story. The Bust above provides White “deniability”. It can be claimed that these were not truly modern Humans, but rather, a link in the chain to White people as Modern Humans: The Humanoid “Cro-Magnon” is often used to make this bogus case. (Some Whites still cling to the myth that they evolved in Europe, and some White writers and media are intent on perpetuating this ignorance). Click here for more on Cro-Magnon: Click here >>>

The reason that nobody mentions the Grimaldi skeletons is that they destroy all “deniability”. They are undeniably “Modern Humans” and are of close resemblance to the San (khoi-san) of South Africa – end of story! So to use them, would preclude any possibility of falsehood or misinformation – therefore they are simply ignored.

Of course, some might say that the Russians have been making Busts of the original Black Europeans for years – and the Russians are White. Which is true, but the Russians do not have the same “investment” in racism and “racial superiority” that Europeans and their descendants in the Americas have. But of course, that may change as Russia moves closer to Europe culturally and politically. See Russian busts below.




The Grimaldi Migration to Europe

Sometime about 45,000 B.C. The Great Glacial Ice Sheets that covered most of Europe started to melt and a group, or groups, of these Khoisan type peoples walked across the Gibraltar straits and entered Europe. This marks the first time in Human History that modern Humans have crossed over into the formally frozen wilderness of Europe. Once in Europe, Grimaldi Man continued his migrations, and came to eventually inhabit all of Europe and Northern Asia. The Easternmost limit of his range, appears to have been the settlement known as Mal’ta in Siberia Russia, just north of Mongolia.

As earlier stated, many Anthropologists, Researchers and Academics, still refuse to acknowledge that Africans were the first Human colonizers of Europe. To hide this fact, they prefer to use the terms Aurignacian and Gravettian cultures; which is fine, it still means Grimaldi. However, the current fad of attributing Grimaldi artifacts (such as the Cave paintings at Chauvet France, not far from where Grimaldi entered Europe; picture on the left), to the Humanoid Cro-Magnon is in all ways mystifying. Firstly, Cro-Magnon was not a “Fully Modern Human”: Whites themselves describe Cro-Magnon as an “archaic” Human – meaning characteristic of an earlier or more primitive Human. (He was actually a later “Hybrid” Human: Modern man is much older than the Hybrids Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal). 


So then, the White myth goes like this: The “Fully Modern Human” Grimaldi; enters Europe at about 45,000 B.C. He then sits around doing nothing for 10,000 years. Then at about 35,000 B.C, the “archaic” Humanoid Cro-Magnon enters Europe; he then immediately sets about creating the most magnificent art known to ancient man – all the while – “modern Man” Grimaldi (he’s Black you know); sits around doing nothing. And it is from these magnificent Cro-Magnons, that White people later evolve. Wanting to be agreeable: Okay that could work – providing Cro-Magnons were “Idiot Savants” (a person affected with a mental disability – such as autism or mental retardation – who exhibits exceptional skill or brilliance in some limited field (such as art, mathematics or music). But of course, that still doesn’t settle the racial issue: because thought different, Cro-Magnon like Grimaldi, was a Black African – and as we shall see, they didn’t turn into “White Europeans” as some laughably suggest. But here is how White people handle that minor little detail – Note headline below.

Newspaper Headline; “European skin turned pale only recently, gene suggests”.

Click here for Newspaper story

Click here for study at ScienceMag.


Steatopygia Females


Tracking Grimaldi – Steatopygia, is a high degree of fat accumulation in and around the buttocks extending to the outside and front of the thighs, forming a thick layer reaching sometimes to the knee. This constitutes a genetic characteristic of some Khoisan females. It has also been noted among the Pygmies of Central Africa and the Andamanese Negritos of the Andaman Islands. Among the Khoisan, it is regarded as a sign of beauty: it begins in infancy and is fully developed by the time of the first pregnancy. While the Khoisan afford the most noticeable examples of its development, it is by no means rare in other parts of Africa, and occurs even more frequently among male Basters than among Khoikhoi women. The Grimaldi/Khoisans admiration for steatopygia females, together with their great artistic ability, will provide artifacts that are a great aid in tracking their migrations across Europe and Asia. (Note: not all Grimaldi figures are Steatopygia, some are of normal proportions, and some are of ample proportions, but not truly Steatopygia). The Khoisan are the worlds “oldest” people, and possess an astonishing variety of phenotypes – including Mongol! Note: Click the Grimaldi link above for pictures of Grimaldi artifacts.









While reading through this page, and the subsequent pages on this site: the thought must come; where are the life-like images of these “Supposedly” Black, prehistoric ancient people. Logically, if they could paint life-like images of Bulls – such as the Cave paintings in Chauvet France, from as early as 32,000 B.C, then certainly they could have painted life-like images of themselves, and made life-like figures too, so where are they? That brings us to the crux of the matter – White racism. It is not known exactly when racism became institutionalized in White people. Because though carefully hidden, the founding White civilizations – the Hellenes continuation of the Black Greek civilization, and the Latin continuation of the Black Etruscan and Black Celtic/Gaul civilizations, were extremely “Bi-Racial”. And the “Bi-Racial” nature of European society continued well into the middle ages – and beyond. At which times, many of the Noble families of Europe were still Black or “Mixed Race”.

Click here for mixed-race Tomb paintings from early White Rome >>>

Click here for mixed Etruscan artifacts >>>

Click here for mixed-race Tomb paintings from the early Greco-Roman city of Paestum: CAUTION – some are of an extremely erotic nature! >>>

Click here for mixed-race White Greece >>>

Click here for mixed-race White Greece -2 >>>

Some speculate that White racism developed because of resentment on the part of the White peasantry, to the wealth and privilege enjoyed by the Black elite. Some speculate that White racism developed because of a need to salve a wounded conscience because of the atrocities committed in the Americas, and the subsequent trade in sub-Saharan slaves. The contrived logic being, that since those people weren’t White, they weren’t really full-fledge Humans, so treating them in the most inhuman ways, was not really systematic of a barbarian people. Therefore Whites could continue the fantasy of thinking of themselves as an enlighten and advanced people.

And it was indeed a fantasy; contrary to the contrivances of modern White historians: Whites in Europe had failed miserably at building upon the advanced civilizations that they had taken, by force, from the original Black inhabitants. No device, no science, and no art, of the Classical Greek or Roman Empires, can be shown to have not existed elsewhere first. Previous to the wealth taken from the Americas, and the industrial revolution of the 1700s: Europe was a decease ravaged and laggard land; comprised of kingdoms made up mostly of destitute peasantry.

Up until the time of the industrial revolution, White Europe had produced absolutely no advancement of any kind. As examples: The first steam engine, called the “Aeolipile” was invented by a Black Egyptian “Heron of Alexandria” in 60 A.D, (Egypt was under Greek control at that time). He also invented the first “Wind-wheel” which led to the Windmill. Gunpowder seems to have been co-invented by the Chinese and the Indians – around 800 A.D; with the Indians being the first to use it with projectiles. The first actual “Gun” was likely invented by Black Egyptians, but certainly, first used by Egyptians against the Mongols, at the battle of Ain Jalut in 1260 A.D. (Egypt was then under Turkish control). And the list goes on!

So it may be that White racism is a defensive contrivance; designed to develop an “Us against Them” mindset amongst the White populace that would encourage cohesion and thus advancement. Whatever the cause, sometime after the middle ages, Whites embarked on a campaign to write Blacks out of history – not just European history, but World history as well (note; Whites are the least numerous of the races). In time, according to Europes Albinos: not only were the Greek, Roman, Etruscan, and Celtic/Gaul civilizations created by Whites, but laughably, the Egyptian, Phoenician, Carthaginian, Sumerian, Persian etc; all of them. Now when the writings and artifacts of the ancient Black people from all over the world: those people who invented, and were prolific in the arts and the sciences, they who invented civilization; now their likenesses are now nowhere to be found – and when a Black face does show up, it is said to be the face of a slave.

Most grievous perhaps, is the last arriving White Turks, circa 200 A.D. Who because of admixture with the indigenous Blacks in the territories that they conquered, felt justified in assuming the identities of those ancient Blacks: now Turks claim to be Arabs, Egyptians, Sumerians, Berbers, Persians, etc.

In regards to Turks faking it as: Arabs, Egyptians, Sumerians, Berbers, Persians, etc. The one crack in the Albino pact seems to be the Wiki article titled: “Oghuz Turks” which goes on to say that the people of Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and the Balkans: (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece), are descendants of Oghuz Turks. Notice there is no mention of Arabia, or North Africa – Albinos can only manage “so much” truth at a time.

Click here for a link to the Wiki “Oghuz Turk” page: << Click >>

Note: the extermination of Europe’s Blacks, and the expulsion of survivors to the Americas, is dealt with in many sections of this site.

But many consider as the most offensive, the Turkish tribe “the Khazars” assumption of the Hebrew identity – they not even having much in the way of admixture with Blacks. Now they are no longer Turkic Khazars, but rather, they are now Jews: This of course; was made easy by earlier Whites, who had taken to portraying the Hebrew Jesus Christ as a White man.

It must also be mentioned, that not all Whites subscribe to this bogus and wickedly racist contrivance, that Whites call history. C. Loring Brace, an anthropologist at the University of Michigan, in his study: “The questionable contribution of the Neolithic and the Bronze Age to European craniofacial form”. Does say that the original Europeans were Black people, but honestly, he is so mealy-mouthed in saying it, as to make it of little use for those seeking the truth. (The mealy-mouthed title of the study, says it all)!

Click here for link to study: << click >>

There is also the study titled: “HLA genes in Macedonians and the sub-Saharan origin of the Greeks“, by A. Arnaiz-Villena, K. Dimitroski, A. Pacho, J. Moscoso, E. Gomez-Casado et. al. Surprisingly, this study was funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Click here for a link to the study: << Click >>

But the study above, and the others scattered throughout this site, should not be construed to mean that the bulk of modern White researchers and historians, are any less racist than the former were; they are not! Today’s researchers and historians are just more subtle in their racism. One of the favorite tools of the modern racist is the term “Indo-European”. Anyone who has ever opened an encyclopedia, has seen people from India to Anatolia, and all over Europe, described as “Indo-European”. From previous programming we have been taught to think “White” when we hear European, so then “Indo-European” must mean something with Whites and Asian Indians, right? And since we know that Asian Indians are in India, then that MUST mean that all the others are White, right?

As you can see from that one example, modern Whites are just as vile and petty in their racism as those before, just more subtle. But what does that term really mean? See the Aryan/Arian section below for an explanation.

In studies of the Americas, “Indo-European” wouldn’t work, so there, modern White researchers and historians often use the ancient Ainu people of Japan, to hide the vileness of their racism. We shall use the “Spirit Cave mummy” as an example.

The Spirit Cave mummy is the oldest human mummy found in North America. It was discovered in 1940 in Spirit Cave, thirteen miles east of Fallon, Nevada by the husband-and-wife archaeological team of Sydney and Georgia Wheeler.

In 1994 University of California, Riverside anthropologist R. Erv Taylor examined seventeen of the Spirit Cave artifacts using mass spectrometry. (This is a direct quote): The results indicated that the mummy was approximately 9,400 years old — older than any previously known North American mummy. Further study determined that the mummy exhibits Caucasoid characteristics resembling the Ainu, although a definitive affiliation has not been established. There is also a possible link to Polynesians and Australians that is stronger than to any Native American culture.


Note: Polynesian is a term that the Albino people have applied to Pacificans/Austronesians who have significant “White Mongol/European” admixture. They reserve the term Melanesian for the original “Pure Black” Pacificans/Austronesians who have resisted admixture.


So just who are these Ainu that they use to indicate Whiteness? The Ainu are an ancient Black people, who were part of the second out of Africa (OOA) migration event that went to China (circa 50,000 B.C.). Another people who were a part of that event: the Jomon, immigrated to Japan at about 35,000 B.C, the Ainu followed at about 13,000 B.C. (By then, the Ainu might have been admixed to some degree – see below). Today, the Ainu have been admixed with modern Japanese (who arrived in Japan at about 350 B.C.), to the point of extinction. (See anything White about the Ainu man below?).


A Ainu Elder (below) date of picture unknown.

The Andaman Islanders (in the Indian Ocean), are genetically very close to the Ainu people.

Kennewick Man, whose 9,300 year old remains were found in Washington state. Was given a White looking Bust, and similarly called Ainu looking.


Of course, the average person has no idea of what an Ainu looks like, nor their genetic make-up or their history. So that “Caucasoid” tag sticks. Different methods, but the intent is the same – vile racism. Similar tactics are used with the ancient Mississippi people in central United States. Here there ARE life-like artifacts which clearly show the people to be Black, but as with the Olmecs in Mexico, modern White researchers and historians are so deeply racist, that they just can’t bring themselves to admit it – proving that racism, in all it’s vileness, is a sickness.

Perhaps embarrassed by comments, SIX years later, this update was published.

Update (Year 2000 research findings) – Craniometric Analysis Suggests Mummy Closest to Norse Europeans, followed by Ainu

A complete reading of the final report on Spirit Cave Mummy’s cultural/racial affiliation (via craniometric analysis – Jantz and Owsley) suggested, “Their analysis showed the Spirit Cave cranium closest to “Norse” and “Ainu”. It should be noted that the probability for Norse was 0.00084, with Ainu an even lower probability.”” (pg 39 from BLM document sourced below).

Anyone doubting the racist sickness afflicting these people; should read and read the above paragraph a hundred times or more, perhaps then it would sink in. “Norse Europeans” with a probability of 0.00084: For the uninformed, that number means that there was NO probability for Norse European or Ainu, but they did manage to get you thinking in that direction – see how it works? To summarize: the mummies weren’t American Indian, they weren’t Ainu, and they weren’t White! But you will notice “that they just couldn’t bring themselves to admit that they were Black people” – sick, really sick! Also note: All ancient skeletons and Mummies are DNA tested, but the results are rarely published, and the very few that are published, give only MtDNA data, which is not very useful without the Y-DNA of the males; that withholding of information, gives them free rein to make these racist analyses and comments.


Here is what they were Hiding!



Getting back to our primary subject: One might then ask; if Blacks were so great that Whites have to hide their true history, what about the Blacks in sub-Sahara Africa, they are a mess! Quite so, and the reasons seem to go much deeper than White colonization. Blacks in the sub-Sahara have long had rich and powerful kingdoms, with writing, art, and the sciences: agriculture, advanced boat building, and metallurgy. What they have never had, and show no inclination to have, are the things that we normally associate with great civilizations: large stone Temples, Palaces or other such structures: Great Zimbabwe being something of an exception, and a mystery. Perhaps it was because the climate made such structures impractical, we don’t know.

But perhaps a clue can be gleaned about the African psyche, from their behavior after they had finally driven the White invaders from their lands. In all the former colonies, Europeans left behind serviceable infrastructure, which in many cases, the Africans simply ignored, as they went back to their old way of life, they had no use for it. So when you think about it: “Modern Humans” have lived in Sub-Saharan Africa, many, many, times longer than anywhere else on Earth, giving them ample opportunities to create whatever lifestyles that they might prefer. Yet by our modern standards, Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the most backward places on Earth – despite the efforts of White educated leaders, White indoctrinated elites, and White nations. So, could it be that the Sub Saharan’s, in the depths of their very old souls, really don’t want the inhumanity of what we call civilization – after all, it really is just things.

Note: The Rwandan genocide, and other modern calamities are traceable to artificial borders created by Whites, and subsequent White interference. But that is not to suggest that pre-colonial Africa was idyllic by any means.



Just in Feb. 2018

The Albinos always lie, Just as the Albinos were lying BEFORE with their first mock-up of Cheddar Man man which showed him as an Albino, they are lying again with their assertion that Cheddar Man had “Straight Hair and Blue Eyes”: these two attributes were falsely added to indicate some commonality with European Albinos.

Note the list of Genes below which the scientists looked at. None of them are indicators of STRAIGHT HAIR OR BLUE EYES! Though Blue eyes and Blonde hair are COMMON with (OCA2 – Oculocutaneous albinism type 2), Cheddar man is negative for them. Btw – ALL of the genes they looked at were “Oculocutaneous Albinism” genes. That is how scientists know whether or not a Skeleton is Black or White: Simply put, if they are NOT Albino: {i.e. they do not have those Albino mutations}, then they are Black (White people are merely the Albinos of Black people). Note also the lying nonsense about Vitamin D, and People in the Arctic being Pale. Those lies are debunked below.

The redactions below are of footnote links which made the page visually confusing and hard to read.

The part underlined in Green above is their way of saying that Albino Europeans CHOSE to mate among themselves because they are preferable to Blacks: this from SCIENTISTS! Which is all typical of European Albinos, they can’t help but lie about themselves, to build themselves up.



Moving on to the Original Black Cultures of Eastern Europe and Asia

The Kostenki Sites, Russia

The Kostenki – Borshevo sites (34,000 B.C.) are a group of more than twenty settlements from the same culture, on the right bank of the Don River, south of Voronezh. The basic excavations were conducted in the 1920s – 1930s by P. Yefimenko, and in the 1940s – 1960s by A. N. Rogachev.

The villages of Kostenki and Borshevo contained five cultural layers. In the upper layer were preserved the remains of dwellings with hearths located along the central longitudinal axis of the dwellings, together with storage pits. Flint tools and hoes made from mammoth tusks, bone digging implements, a baton from deer horn, and about forty female statuettes made from both ivory and marl/limestone, figurines of a bear, cavelion and anthropomorphous marl heads. Triangular flint tools are found in the lowermost layer with a concave base, retouched with a pressure process.

At Kostenki II (Zamyatnina site) were found the remains of a round dwelling made of mammoth bones, seven or eight metres across, with the fireplace in the center.

At Kostenki IV (Aleksandrovka site) there was preserved in the upper of two cultural layers, the remainders of two round dwellings approximately six meters in diameter with the hearth at the center of each. Among the findings here were ground, drilled disks of slate. In the bottom layer there were two long dwellings, with a length of 34m and 23m, and a width of 5.5m, in which were found flint leaf-like tips processed by pressure retouching. In the second layer were found fragments of human bones, partially burnt, as well as flint miniature plates (microliths?) and needle shaped points (burins?).

Kostenki XI contained not less than five cultural layers. In the upper layer the remains of a round dwelling 9 metres in diameter made from large mammoth bones were discovered. In the lower layers there were interesting findings of triangular flint tips, analogous to those found in the lower layer of Kostenki I.

Kostenki XIV (Markina Mountain, Markina Gora), contained four cultural layers.

At Kostenki XV (Gordocovskaja site) the ochred burial of a child of about six years was found. With this burial were flint and bone tools, and over 150 drilled teeth of the Arctic Fox.

Borshevo II contained three cultural layers, dated from the end of the late Palaeolithic through to the Mesolithic. In the top layer, the camp of a temporary settlement of horse hunters, mammoth bones were absent, but there were reindeer bones. The flint tools were of the microlith type, which could have been used for arrow heads.


Kostenki Venus’



Blacks of the Far North: Scandinavia, Siberia, etc.

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