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The Greatest Heist Ever Soldby Miles MathisFirst published May 9, 2020 The reopening of the country/world is happening pretty quickly, as I predicted, but the worst is still tocome. That is because this whole corona hoax was just a feint to keep your eyes off the real action.And as usual, that action is multi-layered. I have pointed you toward the Bill Gates/vaccine anglebefore, but that is actually just a sidelight. The oil companies also seem to be targeted, but again, thatis only a fraction of the game. Wall Street is targeting Main Street, hoping to buy up businesses fornext to nothing, and that is another fraction. But the largest fraction is clearly now the FederalReserve’s move to drive the National Debt wayway up again, so that the bankers can drink from thismanufactured crisis for years to come. Some are saying they will draw this corona hoax out for another18 months, but I don’t think they will because it isn’t necessary. Bill Gates will make sure they keep iton a slow boil for that long, or until the fake vaccine is developed, but there is no need for the peakcrisis to last another day. The Federal Reserve hasalready added over a trillion dollars to their balancesheet, and when a large part of those toxic “assets” they have added implode—as they certainly will—you the taxpayer will be on the hook for that loss. In other words,you and your children will berepaying these loans the bankers are making to themselves for decades to come, with interest.A lot of people are collecting their socialism checks right now and chuckling, thinking they have gottenfree money from the government. There is no such thing. Those checks you are getting are justpriming the pump, and you are the one that is going to get pumped. For every thousand they give you,they will end up stealing twenty thousand, or forty thousand. . . fromyou. Not from someone else,from you. In the past twelve years, the Fed’s balance sheet hassextupled. In 2008 it was at about $1 trillion,where it had been for many years. It is now over $6 trillion, and over $1 trillion of that has been addedin the last two months. This is the same thing that happened in the last huge theft from the treasury in2008, when the Fed added about $1.5 trillion to its balance sheet, much of it toxic (worthless) assetsbought from various “too big to fail companies”, including banks and other financial companies.Between 2010 and 2014 the Fed continued to buy up crap “assets” in your name, to the tune of aboutanother $2 trillion. Since about October of last year, they have added another $2 trillion, half thatcoming in the past two months. So basically, they have stolen about $5 trillion from US taxpayers inless than 12 years, with almost all of it going to people who were already very wealthy.Mainstreamsources are admitting that US billionaires got 10% richer over a span of three weeks in March andApril, 2020, at a time when everyone else was going broke. That figure comes from theNew Republic,by the way, which is a conservative rag, known to be mouthpiece of the rich. So they are eitherrepresenting other rich people, or they are hedging. First of all, if the billionaires got 10% richer inthose three weeks, then they probably got 20% richer in six weeks, and 30% richer in nine weeks. Thiscorona fake didn’t end in mid-April, did it? As far as moving assets to the billionaires, it will be goingon for years. Andhas been going on for years. I have shown in previous papers—using mainstreamnumbers—that the worldwide billionaires haveoctupled their total wealth since 2007. That’s anincrease of 700%, and that’s a conservative estimate. No wonder, since they stole $5 trillion from theUS alone in that time.

Some will say, “Miles, you are just a poor artist and physicist, what the eff do you know about it?”Well, if you don’t believe me, look at the raw data yourself. This guy has posted it at youtube. He isn’ta poor artist, is he? No, he looks like a rich guy himself, with multiple posh homes and expensive cars.He is some sort of professional businessman or accountant or analyst. He may be a government fronthimself, but on this question it doesn’t matter, since he is showing you the government’s own graphs,workbooks, and statements. He is mostly telling you the truth. Save your disbelief for when he startsspinning you, which he isn’t doing yet. So, because you did nothing about the 2008 theft, the thieves have returned for another easy theft, butthis time it is twice as big and hidden behind a corona hoax. The good news is that the thieves appear to have lost their minds. It isn’t just you and I who haven’tstopped them, it is the military, the CIA, the oil companies, and various other powerful entities whohaven’t stopped them. Because those entities also did little or nothing, the bankers are now coming forthem. The bankers appear to want every last dime in the budget, as if they believe the world is going toend tomorrow. They want to rake everything they can into their pile while they can, down to the lastlawn chair and troll doll.Because of that, I have a new prediction. That is why I am here. I like to say things others aren’tsaying, you know. I have shown you signs of a covert civil war that has been going on in this countryfor two decades. Basically since 911. Yes, the biggest and most important civil wars go on in secret,and always have. But I think this one is about to erupt out into the open. No, we aren’t going to seefighting in the streets, or North v. South, or rich v. poor or any of that. Because you and I won’t beinvolved at all. What I think we are going to see is some sort of coup, perhaps sold to the public as amilitary coup. Because CIA/Military/Oil (or whatever alliance it really is, I don’t know) hasn’t beenable to make the bankers see sense, they are going to have to step in and take over. They are going tohave to put the top bankers in a funny farm to dry out, and seize trillions of dollars of hidden assetsworldwide. At that point a lot of fake debt will be allowed to simply evaporate, and the books will berewritten, starting over from zero.You will say they already did that, when Trump got elected. No, that is what some want you to think,but it isn’t true. Yes, the election was stolen for Trump, but they all are. It had nothing to do withRussia and nothing to do with draining any swamp. Trump is just another creature from the blacklagoon. If he had been what they are telling you he is, he would have prevented the Fed from pullingthis heist and prevented Gates and WHO from pulling this corona hoax. But he didn’t. One reason I believe a coup may be on the horizon is that this latest “test” wasn’t just graded by thefascist bankers, who found out the American public had all the acumen and courage of a turnip; it wasalso graded by their opposition, who saw the same. The opposition has been feeding the Americanpublic information, trying to use us as an ally. They have been hoping we would wake up and at leastdo some of their work for them. But they now see that isn’t going to happen. The American public isgoing to continue bending over and taking anything put to them. Another reason I believe this is because I see signs of it from both sides. From the side of the bankers,I see unprecedented and irrational levels of theft. You see it in their eyes: they are running scared.They are like binge eaters at a table, people who think they may not be able to eat again for a long time.Or like gamblers in Vegas who can’t leave the table. They know they are in way over their heads andthat they should quit, but they are addicted. They can no more quit than a heroin junkie. They have

gotten many warnings to back off, but they can’t hear. All they hear are the voices in their heads,telling them to take everything on the table. I see the big ammunition orders of the past decade in thesame way. It looks like the bankers/DHS were hoping to build their own army, in case things got ugly.But I don’t think that worked out for them. So they had to fall back on NSA spy networks andincreased levels of propaganda. And now gargantuan levels of open-air theft.On the other side, we see more and more impatience. That is the way I read the guy at youtube, who Ilinked above. Why is this rich guy telling the truth, and why he allowed to do it at youtube? Why nottake him down? You could say the same about a lot of outlets, who are telling a lot of truths about thislatest series of events. If we really lived in a fascist state, run by one entity, this opposition wouldn’t beallowed, controlled or not. It doesn’t benefit the bankers for this information to get out, in any form.As I say, until now, I think the main reason we have gotten this information is that the oppositionwanted to use the American public as an ally, to put pressure on the bankers to back down. Not tospark a revolution, but simply to create a meaningful level of pushback, so that those who representednon-banking interests would have a lever to use against the bankers. That is the way to read theNewRepublic article as well. The multi-millionaires and non-banking billionaires had hoped to use theAmerican public as an ally. Big enough protests might contain the bankers somewhat. But that isn’thappening. The insanity of this latest heist should be telling the opposition that the bankers and theirallies have utterly lost their minds, and will never back down until they are forcibly stopped. If theyare allowed to continue on as is, there will not only be nothing in the treasury left for social programs,there will be nothing left for anyone who isn’t already a banking billionaire or trillionaire. If thebankers are allowed to bankrupt the country, and collected taxes fall to zero, who is going to pay theCIA salaries in the next decade? Who is going to pay for new military and space toys? Who is goingto buy cars and gas? Do you think the bankers are going to pay military and Intelligence salaries fromtheir own pockets? The military and Intelligence agencies better think about that, because if thingscontinue on like this, the bankerswill have to hire private armies, and if they do, the number of thoseenlisted in both will goway down. National armies and agencies can hide an almost infinite bloat, butif those things are privatized, they will have to be far more efficient. The bloat will be gone. Richpeople are stingy, you know. If you are paid from public coffers, there is almost no accounting. But ifyou work for rich families directly, they will keep track of every penny.On the positive side, I thought I should report that not everyone is laying down and taking this.Churches in many states are filing lawsuits, and one in Kentucky already won the right to hold drive-inservices. Individual business owners are filing suit in many states. Gun stores are also filing lawsuitsin many states, including my state. Even Elon Musk is suing to reopen in California and threatening tomove all his factories out of the state. What I would like to see—and what I have been calling for fromthe beginning—is businesses just opening without permission, then suing afterwards for illegalshutdown. That forces the state to make the first move legally, which makes it easier to win a suit.Why does it make it easier? Because the state may make a mistake in the shutdown, using excessiveforce for instance, or shutting down with improper authority, or with improper legal basis. It mayforget to read you your rights, file the wrong forms, or put you in the wrong cell, allowing you to winon a technicality. If the state proceeds in the wrong way, it makes it easier for the court to find in yourfavor, and if they make big mistakes you may get a big cash settlement. Just a word to the wise. On the way out, I will point out something else I have noticed. As it was already doing pre-corona, themedia is trying to frame any resistance as coming from a conservative wingnut right. It had alreadybeen trying to blackwash any “conspiracy theories” as coming from neo-Nazis, neo-fascists, alt-right,or white supremacists. It is continuing that plan during corona, tagging anyone calling corona a hoaxan ignorant, anti-science, fundamentalist rube. The fact that gun stores and churches are leading the

way in lawsuits is used to confirm that theory. However, in my experience, the resistance to corona iscoming from across the political spectrum; and although the media coverage of resistance is heavilyslanted to filming fat loudmouth Southerners carrying guns, I think the segment of the population mostlikely to see completely through corona is the highly educated, white-collar segment, that tends to beliberal or at least libertarian. So if you believe liberals are driving the corona hoax, my guess is you arewrong. Corona is being driven by the Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, very wealthy Jews, and theold-money families of the first world, especially those in banking, DHS and pharma. Those peoplearen’t liberal. They are just the opposite of liberal. That said, I don’t mean to diss any conservatives, gun owners, or church goers, of any denomination.This is the time for broad alliances, and anyone now pushing back against corona, the Federal Reserve,the media, or the vaccine makers, is a friend of mine.

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Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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