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Mother’s Day, An Ancient Egyptian Tradition

The earliest known celebration of mothers and Goddess Isis in ancient Egypt dates back to the third Dynasty (2650B.C.-2575B.C.) The Egyptians celebrated their goddess Isis, who was regarded as the Mother of the Pharaohs, each year with a special holiday.
“The legend of Isis and Osiris has survived the centuries and even crossed into other cultures.
According to ancient Egyptian mythology, “Osiris, God of the afterlife, was murdered by his brother Seth, who was the God of disorder and chaos. Seth shut Osiris in a sarcophagus and threw it in the Nile River before the body was discovered by Seth’s sister and Osiris’s wife, Isis, the Egyptian goddess of magic and motherhood. “She then gave birth to Horus, whom she hid among the marshes of the delta in order not to be slaughtered by Seth. Horus grew up and defeated Seth, and then became the first ruler of a unified Egypt.” Scenes at the temples built during the New Kingdom period show the falcon-headed deity Horus, a representation of the Pharaoh, seated on her lap and being breastfed by the Mother Goddess.

Interesting that the scenes of Isis and Horus, in which she cradles and suckles her son, are strikingly similar to that of the Virgin Mary and Jesus,”

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