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Ancient Black China & Japan

The fate of the Shang, awaits the Ancients in Japan also. There they are called the Jomon and the Ainu. But they will last a bit longer, it’s not until about 350 B.C. that a Mongol group called the “Yayoi” will break-off from China and invade, conquer and destroy their civilization. These Yayoi are the progenitors of modern Japanese.

It is said that “Sakanouye Tamuramaro” the first Shogun of Japan (A black man), was given that title for his campaigns against the Ainu in northern Japan, (about 797 A.D.). Which suggests that descendents of the Jomon, still existed in Japan in the current era (A.D.). We are of course assuming that if he is warring against the Ainu, and he is a Black man – then he must be Jomon. But he could also be from China or even Southeast Asia. If he was from S.E.A. then likely he would have been a Champa of Viet Nam. That original ancient civilization is presented later.

The logic here is because of occupation patterns – The Ainu inhabited the northern Islands, the Jomon the southern Islands. The Yayoi first invaded and occupied the southern Islands. Because of their isolation and perhaps military might, the Ainu were able to hold out. Logically then, if Sakanouye is with the Yayoi, then he is likely Jomon, maybe. In any event, descendents of the Ainu still exist, even today. However, they have been for the most part, ethnically absorbed

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