Sundry moors act

See you don’t have to be African… But don’t denied our cousins from across the Great pond of their Holocaust… If you know how to f*cking read you would see that African were taken as slaves from Africa to the Americas… And the British had them in the Carolinas enslaved with the Indians… Those Africans were known as Moors etc…

Question: How in the f*ck do y’all think that the Sundry Moors Act of South Carolina came about in 1790???🤔

So y’all didn’t know that Moors were enslaved too from the West Coast of Africa???🤔

Here go read this👉“The Moors Sundry Act of 1790 is the name given in the 20th and 21st century to a 1790 advisory resolution passed by South Carolina House of Representatives, clarifying the status of free subjects of the Sultan of Morocco, Mohammed ben Abdallah. The resolution offered the opinion that free citizens of Morocco were not subject to laws governing blacks and slaves.

On January 20, 1790, a petition was presented to the South Carolina House of Representatives from a group of four individuals who were subjects of the Moroccan emperor and residents of the state. They desired that if they happened to commit any fault amenable to be brought to justice, that as subjects to a prince allied with the United States through the Moroccan–American Treaty of Friendship, they would be tried as citizens instead of under the Negro Act of 1740.

The Free Moors, Francis, Daniel, Hammond and Samuel petitioned on behalf of themselves and their wives Fatima, Flora, Sarah and Clarinda.[1] They explained how some years ago while fighting in defense of their country, they and their wives were captured and made prisoners of war by an African king. After this a certain Captain Clark had them delivered to him, promising they would be redeemed by the Moroccan ambassador residing in England, and returned to their country. Instead, he transported them to South Carolina, and sold them for slaves. Since then, “by the greatest industry,” they purchased freedom from their respective masters. They requested that as free born subjects of a Prince in alliance with the U.S., that they should not be considered subject to a state law (then in force) known as the negro law. If they be found guilty of any crime or misdemeanor, they would receive a fair trial by lawful jury.[2] The matter was referred to a committee consisting of Justice John Faucheraud Grimké, General Charles Cotesworth Pinckney and Edward Rutledge.

Negro Act of 1740

The comprehensive Negro Act of 1740 was passed in South Carolina, during Govenor William Bull’s time in office, in response to the Stono Rebellion in 1739.[1]

The act made it illegal for enslaved Africans to move abroad, assemble in groups, raise food, earnmoney, and learn to write (though reading was not proscribed). Additionally, owners were permitted to kill rebellious slaves if necessary.[2] The Act remained in effect until 1865.”

where did April fools day get its inspiration? Was it not the burning of the moors ships by Castile known as Spain today? (Something happened to our people after the civil war that was similar. We were given a year to return to our lands just like they were. And just like they were, we were betrayed and not even allowed the full allotted time.) What dyou think they did with those moors? They enslaved them. But many moors weren’t just north African muslims they were European royalty. I have British moors in my family tree, the hackney of the line of Stewart’s and the Atwaters of that same family line who mixed with AmericanIndians. That does not mean 20 million Africans were brought here. That does not mean all of us who are dark are moors or have moorish blood. As you know more of our people were enslaved and shipped to Africa than vice versa and descendants those of mixed heritage from those shores were shipped back here in later centuries. That’s what has always been done. Slave classes are always of mixed heritage as their blood is seen as common. We say the transatlantic slave trade didnt happen as they say because it didn’t.

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