St ignatius

1622 Glorification of St. Ignatius of Loyola through the four continents in Rome, Itlaly Baptizing Indians of the Four Corner Continents

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The veneration of the name of Jesus takes place on the former altar painting through the personifications of the four continents that have gathered around a globe below Ignatius. In a venerable posture, the continents are sunk into themselves or look up to the IHS monogram and the founder of the order. In the left foreground, Europe appears, represented as a richly dressed woman in a blue ermine coat with a purple underdress, who is about to sink to her knees. She grips her chest with her left hand while she stretches her left hand adorned with pearl bracelets. She has turned her head, which is covered by a crown with veil and pearls, to St. Ignatius, who seems to float towards heaven. In front of Europe, on the step that closes the picture space downwards, lie on a pillow scepter and orb. America kneels behind her and bows to the founder of the order. She also wears a rich robe and a feather headdress. She wears a coral necklace around her neck while she holds a red coral in her hands.

Europe and America face the personifications Asia and Africa. In the right front corner of the picture Asia can be seen in an upright position. She is dressed in a white and red cloak, under which a blue petticoat with a gold border and a pair of gold shoes peek out. She has her left arm on her hip while she holds up a scepter with her right hand, which is crowned by a crescent moon. Asia is depicted as a young woman with a pearl necklace and a feather-adorned turban. Like Europe, she too looked up at Ignatius. Behind her, Africa looks up at the saint with folded hands and slightly bowed head. Africa – depicted as the only personification with a dark flesh – wears a colorful robe and pearl jewelry on her arms, around her neck and on her head,

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