Reason why whites hate blk people

the real reason for the hate against blk people they wanted revenge end of story

European slaves were common during the reign of Ancient Rome and were prominent during the Ottoman Empire into the early modern period.

Under Muslim rule, the Arab slave trades that included Caucasian captives were often fueled by raids into European territories or were taken as children in the form of a blood tax from the families of citizens of conquered territories to serve the empire for a variety of functions.

From the author of the Negro Question series Lee Cummings:

They took over the country through immigration……they did the same thing that the blacks did when they colonized the 13 colonies…..the blacks came pouring into the colonies per Benjamin Franklin’s essay…and the whites did the same thing. In the 1800’s the whites came pouring into the 13 colonies in the millions.

If I am not mistaken 20 to 30 million whites poured into the 13 colonies between 1820 and 1900! There was a time in the 13 black colonies that in order to vote you had to own land or beasts but when the whites came pouring into the colonies they changed the rule to allow all men to vote.

The black colonists lost the land through the vote…..they got outvoted and then the whites passed laws that crippled the development of the blacks…..even to this very day!

White slavery, white slave trade, and white slave traffic refer to the chattel slavery of White Europeans by non-Europeans (such as North Africans and the Muslim world), as well as by Europeans themselves, such as the Viking thralls or European Galley slaves.

The phrase “white slavery” was used by Charles Sumner in 1847 to describe the chattel slavery of Christians throughout the Barbary States and primarily in the Algiers, the capitol of Ottoman Algeria. It also encompassed many forms of slavery, including the European concubines often found in Turkish harems.

During the Al-Andalus (also known as Muslim Spain or Islamic Iberia), the Moors controlled much of the peninsula. They imported white Christian slaves from the 8th century until the Reconquista in the late 15th century.

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