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It’s 2:30 am and I am watching the Innocence Files on Netflix. If you are reading this, you should watch it. I don’t often talk about all I know and saw in Kentucky because it’s just so unbelievable to people like you. It isn’t at all unbelievable to all of my black friends. To all of you, I just want you to know that I do know. I’ve seen district attorneys, judges and cops who had no earthly business administrating justice because they were so racist it’s hard to believe, even for me now.

There are a lot of innocent people in prison. There are people in prison who shouldn’t be in prison who committed some minor offense that got drummed up to a big case and they were sentenced under a 3 strikes law.

I’ll tell you what I do to shut up racists people with my skin color who do not think they are racists. They invariably say something stupid like, ‘I’m not racist, my best friend is black’ or whatever other horse shit. The next thing I say is, ‘okay great, you’re not racist, congratulations. Do you think police officers are racists?’ See if you shift their focus from them not being the racists then they are more inclined to come along with my logic.

The really stupid ones say, ‘I’m sure some are but not all of them.’

That’s as much thought as they put into it. That’s when the horns come out.

‘Okay so some of the police are racist. What’s an acceptable percentage for racist cops to you?’

See that’s the disconnect right there because they never see the consequences. Black people live with it every single day when their sons and fathers are arrested for shit no white person would get busted for and they get sentenced to much harsher penalties than people with my skin color. (I can’t say it because facebook puts me in the slammer if I use that word.)

For the ones who say, ‘no I don’t think the cops are racists’ then I offer them a bet. How much do they want to bet that in the county jail in whatever city they are in, black people do not represent the 14% of the population that they are?

That always shuts them right up because all people with my skin color know that if we went into any jail in this nation, people of color make up between 40-60% of any jail population. It’s just an acceptable reality in every part of this country.

What the Innocence Files shows in all its graphic horror is just how stupid the people who run our justice system really are. If I asked any of you who the dumbest member of congress was, a few of you would rightly pick Louie Gohmert or Marsha Blackburn. Whenever either one of them opens their pie hole you can be assured that something stupid is coming. Louie used to be a Circuit Court Judge in Texas. He sat on cases with all of five functioning brain cells firing and sentenced people to prison. How would you like to end up with someone as dumb as that fatheaded imbecile determining your fate?

My dad is famous for getting judges removed from the bench. He’s done it publicly and privately through various ways I really wish I could mention but I can’t. I will mention one. One of the judges he had removed was this moron who was in his 60s. He had silver hair mostly but he put hair dye in it that my dad thought was Kiwi Shoe Polish. Everyone made fun of this judge because he didn’t just look like an idiot, he was an idiot. So dad is trying a case and this judge had been on the bench for decades. So he kept making stupid rulings but he also kept falling asleep DURING THE TRIAL.

So dad asked the judge to recuse himself because he was sleeping during the case. Denied. So dad brought in a new system at the time of a VCR that was attached to a camera. So dad got him on video sleeping during the case. Apparently the judge also might have had more than ten martooties the night before. So dad files a bar complaint against him and the KBA revoked his bar license so he had to retire, immediately. I don’t remember exactly how many bottles of bourbon dad got from his colleagues and free lunches but it was a bunch.

That’s just one example of how fucked up our judicial system is. People get arrested by cops who are morons for the most part. The prosecutors are the ones who barely passed law school and are too dumb to work at any decent law firm so they work for the state because they want to be a judge later.

Anyway, everyone needs to see this series so when you get a jury notice, you can show up and not let all the morons decide a case because Juries are full of morons as this show demonstrates. Our justice system needs to be burned to the ground and rebuilt from scratch. Anyone who calls it ‘the best system there is’ is an imbecile who believes a certain amount of injustice is okay the same as a certain amount of racist cops is okay.

I am not ever going to vote to convict anyone of anything unless it is a violent crime without incontrovertible evidence. The cops are liars. The prosecutors are scumbags if not outright evil and elected judges are as corrupt as any criminal they send to prison.

This is Forrest Allgood. He is an evil man. He sent innocent men to prison and after they were proven to be innocent, he kept them in prison because he thought they were still involved with the murders he wrongly convicted them of.

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Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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