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Phoenician Empire

Legend has it, the Phoenicians came to the Mediterranean from the Red Sea. They were seafarers and were most likely to have come from port cities from around Somalia to (Zanzibar) Tanzania, some where in the areas of East Africa.

As a matter of fact, although the Phoenicians are the former Admirals of the Sea, the world’s latest custodians of Language, Law, & Commercial (Codes) Cannons, take note that they are denied their history as a reigning world empire. However, it should be well known that the Phoenicians founded Lebanon, Carthage, & Venice, 3 major states on all 3 continents, Asia, Africa, & Europe.

This is undoubtedly because the Roman Empire clashed with the Phoenicians and conquered their lands, usurped their political power and re-wrote their history. Remember the Septuagint was written during the Punic Wars, and now anytime paleontologist find Canaanite writing in any artifacts anywhere around the world, including north and south America, they credit the claims of those findings to being Hebrew text.

**The Silk Road

The silk road is a relatively new concept romanticized with stories like Marco Polo, a fairytale legend who had never really existed in the first place. The folktale takes place during the 13th century during the reign of Pope Gregory and Great Kublai Khan.

Colonization teaches us that the silk road has been in occupation since the 1st millennia b.c.e. and that it was based on “Silk” a commodity that the Chinese had to trade. The travel route is described as a 5,000 mile land journey from the borders of Europe to the gates of China and in the myth, Marco Polo is a Venetian who was sent by the Pope to establish a trade relationship with the grandson of the great Genghis Khan.

However the facts of the matter is that in reality, the original Phoenicians were Seafaring traders who traded in the Americas, they circumnavigated Africa, and traded in Asia by way of sea in the Indian Ocean with Arabs and the Hindu, and off the shores of the pacific coast with southeast and far east Asians. Phoenicians have be trading since at least the 15th century b.c.e. so Marco Polo the Venetian / Phoenician traversing terrain for the Byzantine Pope is just a bad joke. To really end this rumor, Silk for Europeans became a Elizabeth and victorian era fetish, which earned the silk road it’s name. The true obsession of the Asian trade market were Spices, and the major trade distribution was done via maritime.

The first World Trade Center was the Mediterranean Sea, where Africa, Asia, & Europe met. The legend of the Silk Road fabricates an illusion that Europeans and Chinese were the alpha and omega of trade & commerce, since antiquity. Their “Silk Road” took Africa completely out of the equation indirectly insinuating Africa had no role at the table of world trade when in reality, Africa brought more natural resources which granted Africans more bargaining chips then any European or Asiatic people.

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