To Impeach or not to Impeach is the question


So here we are at the cross roads of what seems to be more than impeachable offenses brought on by the worst candidate and now sitting POTUS in the history of American Politics.

Not only has Trump shown a dereliction of his Duties as POTUS but has continuously and without regard to his words has incited not only the nation but the world against him and has revealed the racist, zenophobic and child like mentality that he has.

This can only lead to an impeachment of which I feel TRUMP really wants he has shown he isn’t FIT for the job nor has the intelligence to handle the position as Leader of the Free World.

So with that being said Ill give this LIL DICK prick another 6 months before he is finally out of the Oval office and working at McDonalds flipping burgers because hes definitley not a billionaire.