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One and the same

It is a very small step from there to my conclusion: the US Government and its corporate and banking owners weren’t just a sometimes ally of Medellin or the Colombian government, they were one and the same. The same
Families owned all resources in all those countries, and always have. Given that, there is no way they would allow a private cartel to run the drug trade. There is no way they would let all that money slip through their fingers.

For that reason alone, the entire El Chapo story makes no sense. It is an absurdity. The international trillionaires are not going to allow some punks from poor local families to waltz in and drain billions of dollars from their potential coffers. Guzman is supposed to come from a poor family in La Tuna, and he is sold today as some great enemy of the various States. Ridiculous. He is obviously one of them, so the entire opposition must be manufactured. Therefore, we know the trials are faked, the prison sentences are faked, the escapes are faked, and the Sean Penn Rolling Stone interview was faked.

Those who can’t see this simply aren’t very good at collating all the information given to them freely by the mainstream media