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the real greeks


Genetic distances are closer between Greeks and Ethiopian/Sub-Saharan groups than to any other Mediterranean group

The name PELASGIANS refers to populations that were either the ancestors of the Greeks or PRECEDED the Greeks in Greece

“a hold-all term for any ancient, primitive and presumably INDIGENOUS people in the Greek world”

Elsewhere “Pelasgian” according to Herodotus connotes anything typical of, or surviving from, the state of things in Greece before the coming of the Hellenes…

In this sense all Greece was once “Pelasgic”;

Modern writers have either been content to restate or amplify the view, ascribed to Ephorus, that “Pelasgian” simply means “prehistoric Greek,”

Giuseppe Sergi followed by many anthropologists, describe “Pelasgian” as one branch of the Mediterranean or African race of mankind..

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