African – It is true that among the Founding Fathers, the word, “African” was a synonym for slave, and “Indian,” or “Red Indian” NEARLY synonymous with “savage.” (Hidden Cities by Roger G. Kennedy, 1994.) Let me also point out that anything considered Africa, or African, is that which used to be Ancient Carthage and any of her holdings. Remember, the Carthaginian Commander, Hannibal Barca Bey, was a military genius. Barca (also spelled Barqa, Baraq, Barak, etc.) means lightning. It should be stated that Mr. Kennedy previously worked at the Smithsonian Institute, but had a change of heart. For those of you that do not know, the Smithsonian Institute (along with the Vatican) is one of the many entities responsible for keeping the truth about so-called African Americans’ (along with other so-called Black peoples of Earth) and their true identity/history buried away from them and the rest of the world. (see Savage)
~Dr. Yaffa Bey