White people

White people love to pretend that we have made amazing progress since Jim Crow.

But our police and justice system still operate with an incredibly white supremacist culture. White folks are still calling black folks the nword in the streets accept now they also do it on the internet. White supremacist terrorism is as strong now if not even more so than the 60s. White folks still don’t care about racial justice anymore now than they ever have. Our children are still not taught the truth racially at schools or at home. Still today the the status quo for white folks is either lieing about or denying white privilege and our culture and system of white supremacy. Our diseased nation elected an openly white supremacist president who is systematically trying to destroy black and brown lives while promoting white nationalism. So do white folks have any racial conscience today?…For a large majority no they do not, and as a people we never have.

What the white man has never understood is that his love of white supremacy has never helped him. White people are enslaved by our disease of white supremacy, it’s the misery in our souls, because its impossible to live a lie with any semblance of peace.