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Op Ed….

In all of these media stats I am hearing over and over again how Black People are being disproportionately affected by the Covid19 as if we are prone to catch it and are more likely to die from it and that Whites are less prone and less likely to die.

Let me pull out some simple receipts that I have and Ill let the READER decide and determine What are the FACTS.

As you have heard recently the media per the meme below has been painting the Black community as the FACE of the Covid19 plague.

How can this be so, it started in China circumnavigated its way around the WORLD and hit the shores of the Americas, with dire consequences, mind you of the failing actions of our current President Trump that has led to our System in place to curb, stop and ultimately derail so many deaths that are occurring now in all demographics.

Now I dont think it takes a genius to see whats happenning,
First it was Chinas fault better known as the Chinese virus and now due to the prevalent and all so invasive media hounds pounding the IDEA the Notion of a Black Problem and that it affects Black people seems really farfetched.

Now the first receipt, if the virus affected the Chinese population first and than rapidly spread throughout
Europe and all of it pending countries where there are far more WHITES than BLACKS how than can this COVID 19 become the face of Black folks. my people.

Lets continue, Its well known supposedly and thanks to the media constant portrayal that Black people are the worst parents, drug dealers, drug users, police killers, welfare recipients, section 8 abusers and violators of the LAWS in general.

It has been a well known FACT that whites occupy the welfare rolls, section 8, drug users and abusers ie drug addicts, 90% of the killers of police in the U.S., and by far the worst parents in the USA as well as far more abortions being committed by white women than that of POCs, out of the 50 states with 40 reporting the number of abortion are higher in the white community than the black community by FAR.

37 states are reporting that whites have a higher abortion rate than POCs where as in 3 of the 40 states are reporting and higher incidence of the same for POCs v white women.

So now the question begs to be answered, how than are we as the Black Community are being called to the floor of RESPONSIBILITY whereby we are just so called 13% of the population and we are by some magic 70% of the deaths and people who are sick with this Covid 19 virus, the answer is simple……BLAME THE NEGRO…… its the oldest go to default, name and blame in order to escape any and all culpability to the problem of our society and the oldest way in which Whites have been able to escape any and all culpability themselves and somehow absolving themselves of any responsibility and therefore culpability, a washing of the hands sort to speak.

This default mechanism of the White media WORKS, it makes them feel SUPERIOR, GODLY and UNTOUCHABLE, as if they dont make MISTAKES.

Well, i BEG to differ and its showing itself in alot of ways as the TRUTH about these people come out more and more and more.

The fall out of this is dire indeed for the WHITE COMMUNITY, since they are not dealing with their drug problem, their welfare problem and all those other effects and more that one can think of had, is and will continue to lead to their demise on a USA and global scale.

This hate they have for POCs can only damage them in the end and EVIL has always destroyed those who partake in it ALWAYS and in ALL WAYS.

There are more white people dying than are being born, 92% of the people who are killing white people are other white people, 90% of the cops who die every year in the USA are killed by white people, theres an overwhelming death toll on the White community than the Black one especially with the opioid crisis as well as meth and crack.

So who is zooming who, you guessed it the WHITE community are delusional, maniacal, prideful and therefore blinded by such pride that they cant even see their own DOWNFALL on a national and international scale.

The Chickens of Destruction are here and are now destroying the fake, narcisistic, sadistic, warped and morally debased and defunct existence they the White community has been living for the last 180 yrs, and that perhaps this PRIDE as the bible say comes before ones FALL in disgrace, they cant fathom or see or if they do they have turned and blindful eye to it in hopes of FOOLING themselves into believing EVERYTHING will be ok but in the END it never is for JUSTICE never sleeps and will always exact its true measure in the end and destroy those who DARE to take advantage of the righteous.

So take heart MY PEOPLE we are NOT the face of COVID 19 they are, is just that time always proves itself and those who are right and just, favor and will reward them their just due.

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By wmb3331

Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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