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Monday, April 27, 2020


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There’s so much going on & instead of writing, I find stuff & give it to y’all & if ya gotta problem, y’all can take it back to the SOURCE! Great info that I didn’t write but yet expresses my sentiments. Let’s go in!

Dear Fascist and Racist Zuckerberg,

You were banning me from posting last year. That’s unfair. I posted nothing of recent that goes against this white supremacist community called Facebook. But that’s okay as even your history shows that you know not what fairness is all about.
See, we know that the Truth is an offense to your lot but surely not a sin. You banned me for a post about how Winston Churchill killed 3.4 million Indians. You gave out a 30 day ban for speaking the Truth just like the old slavery days where you locked our mouths & cut our tongues out while your Caucasoid Arab brothers castrated our testicles.
You wouldn’t have banned me if I was posting degenerative music and videos. That’s what you wanted. The distraction of the Black Man is your priority & that’s why anybody waking up in their consciousness about who you really are is a threat to your “I am white and I am supreme agenda.”
Before Mark Zuckerberg Tried To Kill TikTok, He Wanted To Own It
It is evident that you love Afrika but want it to be without Afrikans. You want our minerals that are buried deep under our soil. You want to keep working us like mules as you have done for the last 900 years. For your information though, we are habitual and seasoned survivors. You cannot succeed in your quest to exterminate us.
You and your Turkic brothers who colonized Arabia and North Afrika will soon meet your Waterloo. While your Indiana Jones’s were thieving our our gold, our scrolls and even our bones, the Afrikan Renaissance is gathering pace and waxing ever so strong.
Soon, the  average Black man will know who he is; the owner and lord of the Earth. The Black Man is constantly discovering that your Greco-Roman cock and bull inventions called Christianity and Islam are nothing but mind control machinations. Thousands are dumping these your godforsaken religions that has kept us your slaves far too long.
If you ban me and my alikes forever on your platform, you are only helping our renaissance. You are telling our own computer geniuses to wake from their sleepless slumber and create a Pro-Black platform where you neanderthals won’t have any authority. I Am the Black Gold of the Sun by Nuyorican Soul
Deep inside, you know that you are inferior; you burn in the sun, you are physically weak hence we dominate you in every sport. Your engineers still cannot build pyramids, something we have been doing for ages. We know that your inferiority complex is the reason for your insecurities while your insecurities were the reasons you cannot allow us even ground with you.
You created dis-eases to exterminate us yet we survive. Your latest creation called Covid19 is now probably, the beginning of your hegemonic grip on our world. We’ve conquered AIDS, Ebola Lassa. We are going to conquer LGBTQ too. We know your vaccines are the bio-weapons you are using to alter the genes of our children turning them into gays and lesbians. Your quest for depopulating Afrika is insatiable. I don’t blame you. How shouldn’t you fear a conscious Afrikan populace 10 times your numbers, IQ, agility, and virility? You should be scared of the Black Apocalypse.
Remember, every good thing you know today we taught you. You owe to us your sciences, arts, economics, engineering, music, fashion, religion et al. All your Greek philosophers were students of Kemet, the youngest of our civilizations as Afrikans.
Your veil is coming down as my people are seeing you for the wolf that you are. Your monopoly is coming to an end and thanks, as you have invented the weapons that will eventually destroy you.
You can run but cannot hide. If you run to the rocks, they will melt, if you run to the sea, she will boil. Yes, you can run to Mars as that will be cool for our world will be free of the destroyer of worlds. The revolution will be live and not televised! Amandla!!!!!!!!!*
Yours sincerely
Adéyẹmí Irúnmọlẹ̀ Adéjẹngbé
I don’t have anything to say other than that I slightly edited this article from *
As it was written so well, can ya relate? 

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Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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