While reports of nefarious dealings by guardians were sometimes conflicting, the Crisis listed multiple black millionaires in Oklahoma whose estates were being appropriated and mismanaged by “grafter guardians,” including Edith Durant, Sallie Hodge Lee, W.C. Flanigan, and Luther Manuel. Edith and Edna Durant were twins enrolled in the Creek tribe, living in Glen Pool, Oklahoma. In 1911 their guardian, a man with the last name of Burnett, failed to account for missing funds to the court and finally paid out $40,000 to the twins. The dangers for young landowners were still worse. Cases of attempted or actual murder usually included a killer or accomplice who would forge deeds, then claim the dead landowner’s property. This wasn’t limited to child landowners, but within Taft (Rector’s hometown), two Creek freedmen and siblings named Stella (aged 10) and Herbert (12) Sells were murdered when a white man, William Irvin, and his accomplice, an African American blacksmith by the name of D.R. Allen, reportedly placed dynamite under the children’s bedroom and blasted their house.

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