Joseph TribbleThe true history of man Africa and Africans birthed the world!

MthSearpchht caohsnns10raeor, e201m7edm  · The original Blacks of Italy it was them combined with White invaders that made up later Roman Empire.

Etruscan Tomb Paintings: Ancient Man and His First Civilizations

realhistoryww.comEtruscan Tomb Paintings: Ancient Man and His First CivilizationsEtruscans, like Egyptians, painted their burial chambers with scenes reminiscent of fond activities during life, and scenes hopeful of a pleasant afterlife. The Tomb paintings also suggest; that sometime after Latin conquest of the Etruscans, relations between the two peoples became normalized. This…1 ShareON THIS DAY4 years ago

Isaiah Israel

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Hickles Whiteside

MthSearpchht caohsnns10raeor, e201m7edm  · White Devil gay shitdeathandtaxesmag.comMan smokes weed, sucks horse’s dickIn Wausau, Wisconsin, a 30-year-old has been charged with possession of marijuana and blowing a horse.8 Comments1 ShareON THIS DAY4 years ago

Isaiah Israel

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MthSearpchht caohsnns10raeor, e201m7edm  · araac.orgAfro-Colombian Leader Beheaded: Blacks Face Ethnic Cleansing in Columbia | araacOn Tuesday, February 23th, local Police discovered the body Emilsen Manyoma , a fearless leader of a network of Black and indigenous community organizations. S…ON THIS DAY7 years ago

Isaiah Israel

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George Bond is with Garikayi Key.

MatrcdtedthhSp 9,s So2m0aenso1r4duedd  · This marvellous bust is one of the very few documents of an actual black person from Greek and Roman antiquity. Memnon was a pupil and protégé of the well-known Athenian entrepreneur and philosopher Herodes Atticus.It was found more than a century ago in one of several villas owned b

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y Herodes, and it adds a face to the name of the person recorded by Philostratus in his Lives of the Sophists, an account of the famous philosophers of the second century.The exact circumstances of Memnon’s entry into this celebrated milieu are unknown, but there is no doubt about the esteem in which he was held. He was given the sobriquet “Memnon” in reference to the Ethiopian ally of the Trojans in Homer’s Iliad. Philostratus and other sources record the extreme grief manifested by Herodes upon the early death of Memnon

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