Lord Mor

Meet LordMo r, he is an indigenous Chinese
rapper from the region of Yunnan which is said to have the darkest skinned Chinese.
What is interesting about this rapper is that out of all the names that he could of chosen to go by
but he chose the name LORDMO R because he is a MOOR.. The whole world knows who the Moors are, a Chinese who is a Moor knows so. Lordmo R belongs to a multi-ethnic and multi-regional hip hop crew called civil war.
The young rapper is also an excellent street ball player.
Shooting basketball documentary KFC National Basketball Champions Challenge in 2008, and went to Guangzhou to participate in the finals, and in 2009 was invited to Beijing to attend the 2009 KFC guest performers of the opening ceremony of the National Basketball Champions Challenge 2009 domestic famous rap group Civil war, December 24, 2009 Kunming the Jinquan hotel Christmas party guest performers, hand in ice flow Nanzhengbeizhan members in 2009 debut Ming stage of the Midi Music Festival hip hop day May 4, 2010 was released two solo albums (“blacks” and “2012”), and the EP “smile” in the 2010 release of his album “blacks” and special performance held in Beijing, the Foolish Old Man on August 20, responded enthusiastically. September 23, 2010, and October to 6 worked in the Wuhan Wuchang VOX, Wuhan Hankou VOX, Yellowstone nova of Zhengzhou 7live and Xi’an Aperture clubs and other places to work together of group members Iceflow and Ali held special, then went to the Nujiang for Zero entertainment will be made by a three-day guest performers, and to participate in the program hosted by CCTV3 Li Yong “Happy Heroes” part “Avenue of Stars”, chaired by CCTV3 CCTV, Dragon TV “Chinese people show up” as well as Huang starred in the movie “tracking octopus Paul shooting held personal in Kunming laowo bar Session on November 16, 2010, December 10 to organize personal special Tang Dynasty performing Arts in Dali, Grand Park Hotel Kunming Christmas party guest performers December 14, December 25, Qujing the Tang would CLUB opened guest performers and Christmas party guest performers, release their second EP “I love money” in December 2010, the Yunnan Information newspaper interview on December 26, 2010 December 31, 2010, camp Kunduz bar New Year’s Eve rap debut, January 23 2011 Pu’er-Masha Li bar personal special, January 28, 2011 Pu’er Liwah Chevrolet SPARK listed activities host and guest performances, Qujing Lu hi bar Valentine February 14, 2011 special section of individuals.

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