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the key word here is the government handouts that made these struggles in the aftermath worth the while that was and perhaps still is denied to people of african descent the ability to accrue generational wealth as was provided for all other groups who came to the good ol USA

One Leonard Giuliano presented his history of his people: “With determination and perseverance…the Italian was able to…pull himself up by his own bootstraps…. His greatest desire, of course, was for his children and his family to have a better life than he had left in Italy, but he did not expect this for nothing. He had to work.” Al Riccardi told a similar story: “My people had a rough time, too. But nobody gave us something.”31 A daughter of Jewish garment workers agreed: “My grandparents were like Russian serfs, but we climbed our way out of poverty, we worked our way up. We were poor when we were growing up, but we were never on home relief, and our family still had closeness and warmth!”32 Hard work, yes, but pushed along nicely by government assistance rarely acknowledged in the aftermath.

Painter, Nell Irvin. The History of White People (pp. 370-371). W. W. Norton & Company. Edición de Kindle.

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