Latin the tongue of the moors

Prior to 1828 the Roman tribes of colonial North America were speaking various dialects of Latin the language of the Moorish nation.Thus, the Anglia or English language is the manifestation of all spoken Latin dialects which makes It simplified universal language for the one race – the human race. The first English Dictionary was published in Colonial North America in 1828.

The Latin phrase “Anglice” is the phrase from which the phrase English was coined in the geographical regions of Va., and New Jersey. The Anglia or English language was framed in Virginia 1828 from which resulted in the birth of the new world and new nation.

1828 = It has already been stated else where in this book that the Latin phrase namely: “Anglice” is the phrase from which the Phrase English was coined in the geographical regions of Va., New jersey – the region of England of the “paleskin” world-covering from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the Equator to Alaska and Greenland, referred to as “Royal Crown of England,”- dominating over the land of the Moors,- the head of the Moroccan Empire of the Moslem world, Islam.

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