Jew = Tehuti

There’s no such thing as an original Jew. They never existed. The very word “Jew” in the Semitic dialect is “Yehudi” of which is a homonym; of which in the sacred hieratic dialect is “TEHUTI” the last diadem of the sacred Neteru.

The Torah is simply a collection of fables from events prior to the expulsion of the Hyksos.

Also we have to remember (search yourself) that this so called Semitic religion wasn’t just in North Africa as the famous Egyptologist Wallis Budge wrote, as he travelled the land he discovered all the religions had a universal form. Even today Caucasian Female Jews go to West Africa to marry the men to replant their seed in their Jewish faith.

Ashanti is an homonym for Ashkenaz.


“There is no doubt”, he said of Egyptian religions in Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection (1911), “that the beliefs examined herein are of indigenous origin, Nilotic or Sûdânî in the broadest signification of the word, and I have endeavoured to explain those which cannot be elucidated in any other way, by the evidence which is afforded by the Religions of the modern peoples who live on the great rivers of East, West, and Central Africa


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