THE TRANSPORTATION ACT OF 1717—So called Black Europeans deported to American Colonies

Please note that the classification ‘European’ is NOT indicative of a ‘Caucasian’

‘European’ does not equate to the Caucasian Race…

The original Welsh, Britons, Scots, Irish, Italians, French, Spaniards, Swedes, Russians, and Germans, were so called Black men…

The data to support this assertion is already plentiful and available on this page…

“And in Europe, The Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians, and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy complexion; as are the Germans also”


(Benjamin Franklin, “Observations Concerning The Increase Of Mankind”; 1751)

Definition of SWARTHY:

Black, Dark Brown [Dusky], Tawny [Tan colored)


(Samuel Johnson, “A Dictionary of the English Language; in which the Words are Deduced from Their Originals; and Illustrated in Their Different Significations … Together with a History of the Language, and an English Grammar.”; Vol 4; 1818)

“The descendant of the old Irish preserves to this day the original personal characteristics of his forefathers…his complexion is swarthy”


(The Literary Panorama, Volume 10; 1811)

“That the wild tribes of Ireland were black men is hinted by the fact that “a wild Irishman” is in Gaelic “a black Irishman”

“The Wild Irishmen, or Black Irishmen, presumably of the same race, were the same”


(David MacRitchie, “Ancient and Modern Britons”; 1884)

“The Scots were so called from their swarthy [Black] complexion”


(Christopher Irvine, “Historiæ Scoticæ Nomenclatura Latino-vernacula”; 1697)

“The legends and the history of the Scottish Highlands are both witnesses to the existence of purely black people”


(David MacRitchie, “Ancient & Modern Britons Vol. 1”; 1884)

“The genetic architecture of African Americans is DISTINCT FROM THAT OF AFRICANS…The greatest source of potential genetic stratification bias in case-control studies of African Americans derives from the proportion of EUROPEAN ANCESTRY.


These daguerreotypes were taken between the years 1849 – 1870

They depict well dressed, middle to upper class so called Black European Americans…

There are thousands of these daguerreotypes that depict well dressed, wealthy, upper class so called black European Americans—erroneously identified as “African American slaves”

The Transportation Act 1717 was an Act of the Parliament of Great Britain that established a regulated, bonded system to transport criminals to colonies in North America for indentured service, as a punishment for those convicted or attained in Great Britain, excluding Scotland…

The act, is long titled;

“An Act for the further preventing Robbery, Burglary, and other Felonies, and for the more effectual Transportation of Felons, and unlawful Exporters of Wool; and for declaring the Law upon some Points relating to Pirates”

The act established a 7 year transportation sentence as a punishment for people convicted of lesser felonies and a 14 year sentence for more serious crimes, in lieu of capital punishment…

The reasons for passing the act, as stated in the preamble include;

“Whereas in many of his Majesty’s colonies and plantations in America, there is great want of servants, who by their hard labour and industry might be the means of improving and making the said colonies and plantations more useful to this nation.”

Over the six decades of the 1717 act’s use to its American colonies, transportation of convicts and others helped supply the much needed colonial labour, which in turn increased its production and benefited the realm as a whole…

The established system for transporting convicts to the British American colonies continued until 1776 when its use was temporarily suspended by the Criminal Law Act 1776…

Penal transportation or transportation was the relocation of convicted criminals, or other persons regarded as undesirable, to a distant place, often a colony for a specified term; later, specifically established penal colonies became their destination…

England transported its convicts and political prisoners, as well as prisoners of war from Scotland and Ireland, to its overseas colonies in the Americas from the 1610s until early in the American Revolution in 1776, when transportation to America was temporarily suspended by the Criminal Law Act 1776…

While the prisoners may have been released once the sentences were served, they generally did not have the resources to return home…

Many offenders thus stayed in the American Colonies as free persons…

Contrary to what Caucasians teach, indentured servitude did not only involve so called Whites, it was the means by which the British Isles and continental Europe rid itself of it’s so called Black citizens—their “Ethnic Cleansing”

As freely admitted by Caucasians, the prisoners of those wars were shipped off to the United states and the Caribbean Islands as “Indentured Servants”

They just don’t admit that the vast majority were so called Blacks, or that those wars were really Race Wars NOT “Religious Wars”

Over time, all so called Black survivors were shipped off to the United states and the Caribbean Islands as “Indentured Servants” and Europe was thus “Cleansed” of all so called Blacks…

So called Blacks were highly skilled Tradesmen in Europe, and they brought those skills to the Americas and the Caribbean, whether as Free Men or as Indentured Servants…

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Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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