Indian slavery

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Indian Slavery, Labor, Evangelism and Captivity in the Americas :

An Annotated BibliographyThe domination of Native Americans began in 1492 and continues in varying degrees of intensity through the present. This bibliography is focused on the history of the imposition of policies upon Native Americans by the governments of other peoples. All of the books and articles included in this work were selected because they represent activities in which Native Peoples were forced into work, religion, or a lifestyle that ran contrary to their traditions. This broad hemispheric approach to the history of national governments’ Native American policies allows Magnaghi to show the similarities and differences of European attitudes toward Native Americans through a variety of Eurocentric experiences. The configuration of the topics is this volume is unusual among Native
American bibliographies.

Slavery, Labor, Evangelization, and Captivity were selected to broadly categorize titles based on the conditions that were imposed upon Native Americans. They provide a framework for analyzing to what degree Native Americans have responded to and been transformed by these conditions. The work is subdivided into geographical regions for easier utilization. The books and journal articles included were written in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, allowing a broad sampling of areas and national experiences to be analyzed and compared. An excellent resource for researchers and scholars of Native American studies that will provide a rich set of avenues to expand upon the study of the Native American experience.

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