Christianity has no inherent right to exist for indigenous people in this hemisphere.
…Survivors want us to remember where, the legacies began….
Title ~ “Nun Washing the Hair of a Male Student”, 1926. The boy is, possibly Lazare C. and the nun is Sister Francois, a First Aid , worker. Whether you had lice or not, we all had the ‘coal oil’ head treatment.
Guy Indian Residential School, Sturgeon Landing, Manitoba.
~ The first thing the nuns did was cut and wash the children’s hair as part of the school’s practice of wiping away students’ aboriginal identities began boy’s braided hair, which often had spiritual significance, was cut. For many who wore braids for cultural reasons, the only time they cut their hair is when they are grieving the loss of loved ones.
~ “…In keeping with the promise to civilize the little pagan, they went to work and cut off my braids, which, incidentally, according to the Assiniboine traditional custom, was a token of mourning— the closer the relative, the closer the cut. After my haircut, I wondered in silence if my mother had died, as they had cut my hair close to the scalp.” ~ Daniel Kennedy, Lebret Residential School Survivor testimony. The Guy (St. Therese) Indian Residential School (Treaty 6), managed by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate of the Roman Catholic Church (Archdiocese of Keewatin-Le Pas), began operations in 1926 at Sturgeon Landing, Saskatchewan. By 1951 it was “woefully overcrowded” with a “rather serious epidemic” affecting 19 boys. On September 4, 1952, after sparks from a torch being used by maintenance staff ignited a fire in the engine room, the school burned to the ground. The school was then relocated to Manitoba. A temporary school opened in The Pas, Manitoba and a new school building opened in 1959, located in Clearwater Lake, Manitoba.

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