inbred bastards

The plaintiff has sworn on the Bible that she has never had once in her life any other sexual partner than her two brothers, which makes it impossible for one or both of the defendants not to be the father of her five children,” Attorney Alan Watts told the judge.

“Both brothers acknowledge that they have had multiple sexual relations with the plaintiff but do not believe they are the father of her five children” Attorney Alan Watts told the judge.

Abigail Whitman, 37, Joel Whitman, 34, and Buck Whitman, 39, were all arrested dur
ing a family feud last week when several gunshots were fired after an argument arose about who was going to pay for child support between the two brothers.
Abigail Whitman, who recently lost her clerk job at a 7/11, threatened to sue both her brothers after they strictly refused to take a paternity test, a situation which quickly escalated into violence before they were shortly arrested afterward.

Image may contain: one or more people, possible text that says 'MISSISSIPPT: JUVUt ORDERS BROTHERS TO TAKE PATERNITY TEST AFTER SISTER SUES FOR CHILD SUPPORT f 26K 26K A Mississippi judge has ordered two brothers to take paternity tests to uncover which of them is the father of their sister's five children'

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