Imagine if you can for a moment that you are a genius criminal bent on killing as many Americans as you possibly can using a deadly pathogen. What would you do to do the maximum amount of damage possible? That’s an interesting thought experiment to play with to occupy your mind when you’re stuck in your house right now.

Now, imagine if you will that you were born an imbecile. You grew up and remained an imbecile despite your parents’ best efforts to send you to the best schools and after paying others to do your work, you manage to graduate. Now let’s say your dad is a wealthy man an he leaves you $400 million and you use that money to get loans on businesses that end up losing a billion dollars over the course of ten years but your vanity refuses to allow you to admit this fact. It would just be humiliating entirely to inherit that much money and lose it because you’re too stupid to know what to do with it and you aren’t even smart enough to get someone who does know what to do with it to help you.

Next imagine that this same imbecile miraculously gets put in charge of stopping a global pandemic. How would the criminal genius behave differently from the imbecile?

Would they minimize the threat the pathogen posed?

Would they dismiss advice from experts?

Would they call it a hoax?

Would they say there’s only 15 infections but that will soon go down to zero?

Would they say to inject disinfectants and bleach to stop the spread of the pathogen?

Would they say it was going to disappear with the warmth that comes in April?

Would they say closing travel to China saved lives while it’s open everywhere else?

Ah, there’s the rub, if you’re Trump of course.

Simple minds always come up with simple solutions. That will be true until the end of time and Trump is the most stellar example of a specimen that there ever will be.

Take his very simple solution to immigration. First you must be dumb enough and basic enough to think that is a problem. Then pretend that you are so dumb you think immigrants get to live off our government. Have you ever tried to explain to a Republican imbecile that you have to have a social security number to get welfare benefits? No you haven’t because to their primitive minds that’s like explaining the differences between super string theory and membrane theory.

Try explaining that a wall won’t do a damn thing to stop illegal immigration to these dunderheads! But that makes sense despite all the empirical evidence history provides us to the contrary. “Wut history? We ain’t got no use for no history!”

Trump claims that shutting down travel between China and the United States saved prolly millions of lives. That’s as preposterous as claiming vaccines cause autism which Trump has also said out loud. It’s also a lie because he stopped Chinese people from coming here from China, he didn’t stop any of the other 400,000 people who travelled from China to the United States. You heard any scientists backing up this claim? Nope. It’s just more self-aggrandizing BS.

The virus was here already before he stopped anyone from coming here. It doesn’t matter one whit if he shut down every airplane on the planet. It wasn’t going to stop the spread of the virus but Trump’s brain is so wholly ignorant of science that he does not understand how viruses are spread and he thinks he knows as much as Dr. Birx.

In my thought experiments, the imbecile wreaks the same havoc as the criminal genius because the imbecile doesn’t know what to do, so he wings it, just like Trump trying to convince all the other simpletons that a wall will work just as well as keeping Chinese people from coming here will. It’s all the same nonsense to a barking seal which is reflective of the collective intelligence of the Republican base right now.

Literally every single thing Trump could have done to quell the spread of COVID 19, he didn’t do. He called it a hoax. He said it was no worse than the flu. Then he said Hydroxychloroquine would be a ‘game changer’ and threatened our ally India if they didn’t hand over some of their supply and for what? What was the basis for Trump’s advocacy of hydroxychloroquine? Certainly not any medical evidence to be certain since you’re more likely to die of COVID 19 if you ingest hydroxychloroquine. It was something more simple and basic, the billionaire moron founder of Home Depot donated some money to Trump’s campaign and wanted to get it approved as a treatment for the rona.

Trump was told of the danger in November. If he had listened to his briefings then he might have acted in a responsible manner but he didn’t listen to people who know way more about viruses than he ever will. Trump understood his choices. Shut down everything to save lives which would wreck the economy he is always crowing about or do nothing and ‘see what happens’ even though he was told what would happen, Americans would die. He chose death because he wanted to win so much we would get sick of winning.

If 80,000 people died, that’s not as bad as taking his favorite brag from him. 80k isn’t two million so anything that comes in under 2 million dead means he’s doing a great job because in his basic AF mind, he saved 2 million people from death because that sounds a lot better than him getting 80k Americans killed because of his failure to act. So in his imbecilic mind, people are going to be dying anyway so why not open back up the economy so he can crow about his favorite brag?

This is the next level of batshittery that we are being subjected to as a nation because of the absolute cowardice of every single Republican in congress. Make no mistake, they know the consequences of opening back up and they have calculated two things. The first is that they are going to get shellacked in November. The second is that thanks to some well-placed Betsy DeVos cash, they have enough ignorant rubes protesting the shut-down that it seems like there’s enough of them who want to open everything up despite the very real and deadly consequences to their flat imbecility.

Moreover what these Republican governors are doing is to give a giant finger to all the doctors and nurses who are going to have to face the second wave of this nightmare pandemic because consigning their fellow Americans to death because that is more palatable than getting their asses handed to them on a platter come November! We must do anything and everything to accomplish that because your life means absolutely nothing to these Republican morons and your life is on the line if you make it to November.

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By wmb3331

Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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