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👑🇫🇷THE HOUSE OF BOURBON🇫🇷👑 (with descriptions of the personal appearances of the Monarchs)

It amazes me how many so called Blacks think so lowly of themselves that they can’t see themselves as anything else other than slaves…

Unfortunately, no matter how much factual material is presented in correcting the false history of so called whites, it will still take many more years before it truly sinks in to the minds of people…

So called whites have been extremely successful at teaching their nonsense histories to all the peoples who they have had hegemony over…

It’s sad really, however, in the age of information, ignorance is a choice…

The House of Bourbon is a European royal house of French origin, a branch of the Capetian dynasty…

Bourbon kings first ruled France and Navarre in the 16th century…

Amazingly, one of the most accurate sources for telling us what Europeans looked like 300 years ago is this “Essay” by the American Statesman Benjamin Franklin…

“And in Europe, The Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians, and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy complexion; as are the Germans also”


(“Observations Concerning The Increase Of Mankind”, Benjamin Franklin, 1751)

According to historical records, Henry IV of France is described as having a “Ruddy” skin complexion

“Henry was middle of stature, he had his fore-head high, his eyes lively and assured, his nose aquiline, his complexion ruddy”


(John Dauncey, “The History of Henry IV., surnamed the Great, King of France and Navarre”; 1672)

The name / term “Adam” means red or “ruddy”

This color corresponds to “reddish brown”

The term is used to show a close connection between the man that has been created and the earth or ground or soil from which he came…


(Spiros Zodhiates, “The Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible”; 1984)

(Willem A. VanGemeren, “New International Dictionary Of Old Testament Theology And Exegesis”, 1999)

(James McCann, “The Champion of the faith against current infidelity”, 1882)

According to Webster’s Thesaurus the word “ruddy’ is a synonym for bronzed, brown, suntanned, and tanned…

Henry IV was also described in first-hand accounts as having a “naturally bronzed complexion”


(W. Kent, “The St. James Magazine; Vol 7.” 1863)

His son Louis XIII is described in Historical records as having a sallow, or dark skin complexion…

“His face [Louis XIII] is long, thin and sallow”


(Frances Elliot, “Romance of Old Court-Life in France”; 1873)

Other accounts tell us verbatim that he has a Brown skin complexion…

“Louis XIII had a long, sad face, with black mustachios and brown complexion”


(Alexandre Dumas, “Famous Short Stories and Episodes”; 1927)

His son, Louis XIV, is described as having a swarthy complexion…

“Louis XIV’s swarthy complexion and prominent nose were typically Bourbon”


(Richard Wilkinson, “Louis XIV”; 2017)

“Louis XIV in a large wig, arched eyebrows, aquiline nose, and brown complexion”


(James Peller Malcom, “Londinium Redivivum Or an Ancient History and Modern Description of London, Compiled from Parochial Records, Archives of Various Foundations, the Harleian Mss. and Other Authentic Sources”; 1802)

We are also told that the skin on his WELL PRESERVED corpse was as black as ink…

“Louis XIV was also in good preservation, but his skin was as black as ink”


(Sir Richard Phillips, “The Monthly Magazine” Vol.13; 1802)

To be clear, there is no question that Mummified skin can darken after being exposed to air….

But at the same time, as relates to the level of darkness: where you end up, is dependent on where you began….

Charles X was also known as The Count of Artois…

“Louis Anathe Muller was in middle-life in 1808. So was Artois. Both were of swarthy complexion”

“The description of Muller’s personal appearance fits accurately the descriptions of The Count of Artois or Charles X…his complexion was swarthy”


(‪W. Abbatt, “The Magazine of History with Notes and Queries, Volume 2”; 1905)‬

‪(‬A.S. Barnes, “‪The Magazine of American History with Notes and Queries, Volume 29”; 1893)‬

Charles was thought of as the most attractive member of his family, bearing a strong resemblance to his grandfather Louis XV‪…‬

“Lewis XV was the handsomest youth in France, he had a swarthy complexion”


(J. Dodsley, “The Annual Register, Or, A View of the History, Politics, and Literature for the Year 1774”; 1778)

As did his grandson, Louis XVI:

”He appeared to me to have a striking resemblance to that most unfortunate and by far the best of all French monarch Louis XVI, large, massy, full face, aquiline nose, dark eye, Swarthy complexion”


(Thomas Budd, “Good Order Established in Pennsylvania and New-Jersey, in America: Being a True Account of the Country; with Its Produce and Commodities There Made in the Year 1685”; 1865)

Yeah…i pieced this together when the Peasents Revolt of 1381 and 1524 came to my awareness.
The nobility in Europe (which comes from the word Europa a Moorish queen) are Moors and the peasents revolted against them…” Let them eat cake”

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