You will not try to get compassion, sympathy, or logical reasoning as to why this DEMON did this heinous act.

You demonized Trayvon Martin, an innocent child who was MURDERED in the streets.

The media and tons of FB folks talked so badly about this innocent child, but now you want to soften the public anger against Nikolas Cruz?

This maniac? HELL NO! These families deserve justice and we deserve fair treatment of our people.

27752613_1599985366721324_7993429339903280962_n.jpgHe is the one who should have been shot DEAD on scene! No trial. Go straight to that damn chair.

By wmb3331

Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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