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“When your enemy is making a mistake, do not interrupt them.” Sun Tsu The Art of War

Today will be a historic day in American history and not in a good way. Today you can expect every Republican mouthpiece to be on deck and at attention because all the talking heads will be trying to convince anyone dumb enough to listen to them that North is South, Black is White and that Herr Trump is a stable genius.

We will be getting the horrible truth in all its disgusting splendor about what Trump’s *STUPIDITY* and complete failure to act has done to the robust economy he inherited from Barack Obama. Trump’s economic advisor Kevin Hassett has been vainly trying to prepare the public for the full horror show that will unfold today. He has said that the numbers will likely show something not seen since the Great Depression.

But Kevin is prone to happy talk himself. It will be a miracle if we avoid 30 million unemployed Americans. That’s awful enough but the real kick to the groin for this administration is going to be GDP growth in negative territory that has never been seen. At last count, $12 trillion has been wiped off of the Wall Street books because of Trump’s ‘there’s just 15 people with it and that’s going down to zero’ bullshittery.

Trump of course is the greatest bullshit artist to have ever lived. I hope there’s at least one spry reporter who might retort to that orange vagrant, ‘Mr. Trump, how have you turned what you graciously call ‘the greatest economy in the history of the world’ into a bigger loss than has ever been seen in world history while managing to get more people killed in 6 weeks than were killed during the entirety of the Vietnam War? You lost over a billion dollars in the roaring 80s. Does your true genius lie in your incompetence or in your ability to pass imbecility off as intelligence?’

To really illuminate the sheer breadth and depth of Republican stupidity, yesterday the dunce Pence went into the Mayo clinic and visited some patients without wearing a mask in violation of hospital policy. When called to task about this egregious violation of everyone who accompanied him, Pence ascended to Pantheon of Mt. Stupid, kissed the granite boots on the statue of Trump and said that the reason why he did not wear a mask was because he was tested for the Rona and he ‘wanted to look into the eyes of the doctors and nurses.’ You might rightly be asking why someone in the entourage did not immediately tackle Pence and start thumping him in the head with a Louisville Slugger for saying something so stupid that generations of children not yet born will be permanently disturbed by the next level of stupidity that will be impossible for them to comprehend. What it also revealed is that Pence is not accustomed to wearing a ‘mask’ that allows him to see. I wonder what kind of mask obscures Pence’s ability to see? Hmm, let your mind run wild with that for a few.

This November there will be roughly 60 million Republican dunderheads who will walk into a voting booth and forget that their chosen candidate will once again prove that they aren’t competent enough to govern a game of jacks because they want to own the libs by electing a broad swath of reprobates capable of winning the gold in an olympic dunceade.

But take heed and solace friends! Imagine the salient joy we will ALL feel when Biden corners Trump in a debate and uses St. Ronnie’s own words to shove a harpoon into Fat Nixon’s behind when he asks, ‘Are you better off now than you were four years ago?’ The prospect of that being said might just keep Trump from participating in any debates.

The Foxbots are about to get a lot louder today to deflect from the undeniable facts that Trump has caused the worst economic downturn ever recorded in history. Trump and his league of moron governors are about to erase all the gains we’ve made by flattening the curve which is only going to make it worse for all of us. Trump is between the rock and hard place where even if he were inclined to do something correct like save American lives, he has to keep everyone at home and wreck the economy. Or he can open everything up and get even more people killed from Coronavirus.

The fact that Republicans have chosen temporary economic recovery instead of the lives of Americans just proves that there is truly no limit to the evil in their wicked hearts. Remember remember the third of November.

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Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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