Gullah wars ended slavery

I was part of a build/ live chat the other day and the Topic was the Gullah now is it just me or can you also see the word Allah in Gallah/Gullah🤔 I know most people within the Aboriginal community have been lead away from their Moorish/Muurish heritage and know nothing of the Symbols used in dress code.
Also the blind hate they’ve been given prevents them from being able to see the word African is a play on the Word Moor/Muur or Moorish/Muurish 🤦🏾‍♂️
One such symbol used by the Moors is the Red Sash pictured below on a so called Seminole slave beating his supposedly wight master. Know one must keep in mind that “The Sea Islands” were the first place in the South where slaves were freed. Or properly worded First places The Imprisoned Indigenous took their freedom and became Known as “Maroons” a play on the word Moor “the Sovereign Untamable” the root of the Cimarron Marron being a play on the word Maroon and Ci being the Xi or the ruling class of Mexico the same place The so called Gullah leader John Horse fled to safety.
Before we go any further we must keep in mind that all that was Moorish/Muurish became Spanish!!!!!
Yanga and the Maroons of Vera Cruz First maroon community in Mexico, 1618 Raids on surrounding plantations and mines Spanish troops dispatched to destroy him Successful fight against the Spaniards Peace treaty allows formalizing the community at Vera Cruz Other maroon communities in Oaxaca and Northern Mexico, alliances with local indigenous peoples
John Horse and the Black Seminoles John Horse, aka, Juan Caballo The only Native American chief never defeated by the US Army Leader of the largest and only successful slave revolt in the US Commissioned officer in the Mexican Army Commissioned by US Army to fight the Apaches and Comanches Virtually unmentioned in US History books: Why?
Fort Mose Founded by Spanish Colonial Militia and Runaway slaves from St. Augustine Militia joins Maroon Community in 1687
Running to Fort Mose
Battle of Fort Mose, 1740
Secret Treaties Washington signs this treaty with the Creek Tribe in 1790 to help hunt down runaway slaves in Florida. Ten of Twelve of the first US Presidents sign similar treaties to deal with the Black Seminole.
Seminoles and Slaves Throughout John Horse’s youth, Black Seminoles lived in separate, well- armed black communities. Many individual blacks were considered slaves of the leading Indian chiefs, like the principal chief Micanopy, and yet the blacks were able to retain firearms, live apart from their masters, and select their own leaders. Observers in the 1820s and 1830s described Seminole slavery as a mild system, much closer to feudalism than the South’s peculiar institution. The system would change in later years, creating serious conflicts between blacks and their Indian masters. Micanopy, 1820s
Seminole Slavery Southerners circulated the story the Seminole Slaves controlled their masters. (lithograph, 1863 drawn from that story). Seminole “slavery” was more like the feudal lord/serf relationships and slaves were allowed to live apart and carry guns.
Observation of Seminoles and Slaves William Simmons, who visited the Seminole allies prior to writing his 1822 travelogue and who was one of the early outsiders showing the most insight and understanding of them, described African-Seminole relations without trying to decide who controlled whom. Of the Seminoles’ treatment of their slaves, he merely wrote that the Indians exercised remarkable kindness and “indulgence,” and would not part with their negroes for any amount of money. Payne’s Prairie, Birthplace of John Horse on the Florida Savannah.
A History of Black/Brown Alliances John Horse and the Black Seminole Rebellion Maroon Communities in Mexico. “The Moorish peoples and their Indian associates to whom Mexico properly belongs “*……….
-See Fort Negro
And please note The Proverbial red flag that was flown The same All red flag of the Moors/Muurs.
Dr. Laurence Foster demonstrates that information on Black Indian relationships significantly altered the history of the Seminole Indians and blacks who fled to Florida from slave states. Eventually settling in Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. Not only does Foster document historical events that have been “overlooked” by other social scientists and researchers and posits why but also he shows how the culturally ingrained racism of whites ultimately affected the Mongoliod Indian and. Black relationship over a century and how each of the (3) descendant groups developed “distinctive values” as a result of that racism. During the first half of the 18th century both Native Americans and blacks fled South from the Carolinas and Georgia to what is now Florida. Since Florida was held by the Spanish and hadn’t yet instituted slavery, many runway slaves could become landowners and soon established friendly relationships with the local Creek and Kickapoo. “The so called slaves taught the so called natives” how to improve their farming, how to select land and acted as their advisors. These runaways(Maroons) coexisted with the so called natives americans somewhat peacefully until after the Revolutionary war, the Continental Congress sent reps to Georgia to settle a treaty dipute between the settlers and the Creeks. In 1782 the newly formed govt sent reps to the territory of Florida to negotiate with the Spanish govt for the return of the Maroons who were living under the protection of the Spanish Crown. The Spanish govt refused to cooperate. During the two terms of George Washington little was done to.get.the exiles back. In 1812 the U.S. went to war with Britain. The Brits established a fort along the Apalachicola river in Florida and when they left in 1815 they left the Fort and all the ammunitions to a so called black man named Garcia. The U.S.government wanted the Fort destroyed! For several reasons 1. The Black exiles could protect themselves and their “fertile land” from Albion settlers who wanted to immigrate into the area. 2. They Maroon were amassing wealth in forms of land and cattle and winning the respect and loyalty of the Seminoles. 3.The mere fact that the called blacks were allowed to live free and in peace and enjoy their wealth endangered the “Institution” of slavery and set a bad example for slaves living in the adjoining states. Gen.Andrew Jackson wrote Gen.Gaines ” I believe the Fort has been established by villians🤣🖕🏾for the purpose of rapine and plunder, it should be blown up and destroyed, and The stolen Negroes and their property i.e. land and cattle returned to their Owners👹”.On July. 27,1816 the Fort was finally blown up after several unsuccessful attempts. Of the 334 people in the Fort only 3 escaped unharmed but were quickly captured and killed and the spoils went to the soldiers and Mongoliod(Creek) Indians who assisted them. 22yrs later the house of representatives granted a large sum of money to the officers, soldiers and sailors who participated as compensation got the gallant services🖕🏾to the United States. No one noticed the deaths of the Black exiles😠 In 1817 the Black exiles and so called local natives americans lost half their population in a battle with Gen.Jackson. The Black exiles migrate in 1842 to a territory that became Arkansas and Oklahoma where they were assured Freedom. However the so called blacks realized they were targets for the Creeks who had accompanied them there because every “black” captured and brought back to slavery was worth $100.00 USD the equivalent of $2,823.45 USD… So in 1849 about 300 “Blacks” and Indians from various groups departed for Mexico they reached Naciamento,Mexico. Foster went to Naciamento in1929-30 to study the cultural blending and The results of such interracial settlement. Foster found that the Mexican settlement had persisted and the descendants of the early refugees were still living in the U.S. One group had moved from Naciamento to Bracketville, Texas in the 1880s and another group forcibly removed Florida to Oklahoma by U.S.government in 1860. Dr.Fosters fieldwork conducted between 1929-33 he lived with these (3) groups he found different social patterns dependent upon their interaction with each other and their direct association with Albion American values and the ideology of racism. The further the descendants lived from Albions the less influenced by the prevailing cultural and institutionalized racist attitudes they exhibited. Data from Naciamento showed much intermarriage of the transplanted Floridians, Black and native with the Kickapoo and Mexican. Marriage to Mexicans was preferred to marriage to “Americans”, Black or white! Maroons frowned upon marriage to “Americans” black or white. They preferred marriages partners from those that came from Naciamento however Marriages took place between Maroon/Seminoles and American Blacks. In 1907 Oklahoma gave the males of Indians the status of “White” and prohibited marriage to any person with a drop of negro blood. In 1930 found elderly so called natives americans expressed negative feelings towards blacks, Foster concluded that they had become more mongoliod indian and white. The Floridian Blacks had become more Negroid and white. Foster attributed this to “Blacks viewing themselves as Indians” and didn’t encourage marriage with “American” blacks/ African -Americans Although some did marry “American” blacks.

The Gullah (/ˈɡʌlə/) are African/Moorish! Americans who live in the Lowcountry region of the U.S. states of Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina, in both the coastal plain and the Sea Islands. They developed a creole language, also called Gullah, and a culture with some African influence.
Historically, the Gullah region extended from the Cape Fear(see Captian James Cook🤣) area on North Carolina’s coast south to the vicinity of Jacksonville on Florida’s coast.
Now ask yourself as and Aborigine scholar why is Carolina associated with the “Panther” and Florida the Jaguar 🤔 If not to Symbolize The Moorish or Xi nobility of Mexico!
In the words of a Cherokee Prophet Study then Study some Moor! — with YasharAl Ben Yahuah.

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