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Apr 11, 2020 at 19:18

Dear FRN Readers,

Just how long do we all have? Here in Belgrade, we are under total lock-down for most hours of the week, for the past several weeks. We can’t leave our homes, or we face three years imprisonment. Police are able to try violators on the spot, using smart-phones to call into a judge, who can convict you on the spot – where you are ‘caught red-handed’. Elections scheduled for April are now ‘delayed’, until when we don’t know. However, Serbia is a strange case, where the only real opposition works closely with the US’ Deep State – so it seems that the economic crisis that could topple governments is being responded to with this ‘medical state of emergency’ – the US backed opposition can’t mobilize. But neither can anyone else, so it’s a real problem for legitimate democracy and basic freedoms. Freedom to travel, to breathe fresh air, to run errands and do business. To walk with children in the park. To remember what it used to be like to do those things.

We have very good reasons to believe that Bill Gates and his control of the World Health Organization, and the cornering of the global vaccine market, has had a heavy role in causing all of this. Check out this excellent bio pieces from YouTuber Really Graceful – 

Yours till the end,

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