The real creation story which the Vatican has been hiding since day one will explain the following;
“Among the gods who were her first born, who formed her troop, She exalted Kingu ; among them she made him great. To march before the troops, to lead the throng,

To seize the weapons, to advance, to begin the attack, The primacy in the combat, the control of the fight She entrusted to him, in costly raiment she made him sit.
“I have uttered the spell, in the assembly of the gods I have made thee Lord,
The lordship over all the gods I have entrusted to thee.
Be thou exalted, thou mine only spouse. May the Anunaki exalt thy name over all.” She gave him the tablets of destiny, on his breast she placed them.
“Thy command shall not fail, the word of thy mouth shall be established.”
When Kingu was exalted, and had received the power of Anu,

Tiamat was the mother of the Anunnaki.



T\Tien above the heaven was not named, And beneath the earth bore no name, And the primeval Apsu, who begat them And Mummu and Tiamat, the mother of them all,
5 Their waters were mingled together, And no field was formed, no marsh seen, When no one of the gods had been called into being, And none bore a name, and no destinies [were fixed] Then were created the gods in the midst of [heaven], 10 Lakhmu and Lakhamu were? called into being Ages increased.

That is the origin of the word KING(U)

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