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WHERE DID THE CAUCASIAN COME FROM?(Dravidian Albinos)An Albino (so called White/pale skinned person) who mates with another Albino (so called White/pale skinned person)Can ONLY produce another Albino (so called White/pale skinned) Child 100% of the time…So called White or Pale skinned people exist as a result of so called Black and Brown Skinned people “MAKING”

them, these people are called Albinos…So called Black and Brown People have a “P” gene…When the “P” gene is healthy, so called Black and Brown people make other so called Black and Brown people…But when the “P” gene has “Mutated” and is no longer healthy, It CAN cause so called Black and Brown people to produce so called WHITE or Pale skinned people (Albinos)The Caucasian was, and still is, quite sensitive and defensive about his genesis, and his “Un-naturalness”Caucasians are the Albinos of INDIA’S INDIGENOUS DRAVIDIANS, who split from India and went into Central Asia many thousands of years ago…

The so called Black and Brown Dravidians of India produce the most Albinos per family, and it is from these Dravidians that the Caucasian type Albino subRace arose…Caucasians are the “Fixed” Albinos of the original so called Black Indians (Dravidians) of India, who moved further north to Central Asia, seeking solace and less Sunlight, they are primarily of the OCA-2 type Albinism, indicated by Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Pale – but not White Skin, the ability to “Tan” and Normal Eyesight…Genetics clearly traces the Dravidians, and their Albinos, out of Africa, into India, and finally, into Europe…Hence the term “Indo-European”(The predominate Haplogroup of White/Albino Europeans is Y-dna Haplogroup “R”).Confirmation that the Caucasian Race is derived from Dravidian Albinos, is documented in the findings from genetic analysis of Y-DNA haplogroup “R”All the data and “Common Sense” clearly shows that Caucasians are the “Fixed” Albinos of the original so called Black Indians (Dravidians) of India, who moved further north to Central Asia, seeking solace and less Sunlight….Caucasians steadfastly refuse to admit this, even though this obvious conclusion is supported by simple observation – They look exactly alike – except for skin color, and modern Dravidian Albinos are indistinguishable from Caucasians…Combine that with the genetic data, and there is no doubt that they are the same people…The final proof that Caucasians are Albinos derived from Dravidian Indians, is the Genetic Distance Maps created by the studies:”Genetic Distance Map from The History and Geography of Human Genes” by Cavalli-SforzaAnd “The Genetic Structure and History of Africans and African Americans” by Sarah A. TishkoffBoth genetic maps show that so called Black and Brown Indians, and Caucasians, are alone together, separate from all other humans, like two peas in a pod…The only difference is that one group is pigmented, and the other is not!One group is Albino, the other is not!

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Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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