Fallen empire

The great empires of ancient Africa, both Kush and Kemet, collapsed within a few centuries of each other.After thousands of years of achievement in art, science and philosophy, both civilisation died out within a few centuries of the birth of Christ.In addition to internal stresses and conflicts. ⠀

Foreign invaders contributed to the destruction of African civilisation-After centuries of encouraging foreign enterprise.Kemet found herself overrun by waves of invaders-Persians, Macedonians, and Romans.In consequence the African civilisation which had for so long inspired the world was plunged into historical oblivion. ⠀

In the centuries following the demise of kemet and kush, a new culture began to develop.This new culture would generate a resurgence of activity in the arts and sciences, as well as the fiery passion of a new religion.It would consume all of Northern Africa and would influence embryonic nations such as Spain and France, as well as civilisation already endowed with a cultural magic of their own. ⠀

The history of the Moor and their contribution to Moorish culture has been long neglected by traditional historians.The racial makeup of the Moors in Spain, as well as the degree of cultural development of the Moors in Africa, has been disputed in this respect the Moors have been subject to the same treatment as other Africans.Moorish culture was largely African in origin, bright in its achievement, and powerful in its influence on western civilisation ⠀

Although the term Moor has been put to diverse use, it’s roots are still traceable.Circa 46 B.C.. the Roman army entered North west Africa (present day Morocco) where they encountered Black Africans whom they called “Maures” from the Greek adjective mauros, meaning dark or black.The country of the maures.Mauritania (not to be confused with the Islamic republic of Mauritania in present day west Africa, although the root is the same), existed in what is now northern Morocco and western Algeria. ⠀

The Greeks themselves approaching from the east in search of Egypt, called the black Africans they found there Aethiopian from the Greek words aithein to burn and ops.

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