Peace friends and family, let’s discuss the 1907 Jamestown Virginia Exposition. Exposition is the same as saying World’s fair, so this is actually the 1907 Virginia World’s Fair. You had world’s fair all over the world and the Americas.

For example, in the Americas we had the Rio World’s fair, the Pan-American World’s fair, the Panama-California Exposition, the Golden gate International Exposition, the Chicago world’s fair, the Saint Louis World’s fair, the New York World’s fair, and etc. You can read more about the World’s fair here: My student Jon Levi does a good job showing you that all of these Gothic and Greco-Roman Structures were built by the Tartarians (Muurs/ Moors).

The interesting thing about all of these World’s fair is that they were all staged after the Reconstruction Act of 1871, after the Muurs were completely overthrown in the Americas and the world. The powers that be staged all of these world’s fair as a cover-up of a previous advanced civilization of Blackamoors that ruled the world from the beginning of time all the way until the great comet of 1811-1812 completely destroyed the Old World order.

In this post is images of old world buildings that display Gothic Architecture, which is a Moorish or a Tartarian mode of workmanship, according to the master textbook, “A Dictionary of the Architecture and Archaeology of the Middle Ages;” however, researcher Michelle Gibson gives video evidence that the Muurs were the Tartarians. This video is entitled, “Colleges & universities Worldwide and Moor:

Yes, most of the major College Universities (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Chicago, Oklahoma, and etc), were built by the Berber Indians, aka, Muurs, from Mu/Atlantis (India Superior), which was in the Americas; because you can see the Gothic Architecture of these College Universities, which is more evidence that Blackamoors once ruled the world and civilized the world:

The US Capitol Building, Governor mansions, Courthouses, and all the State Capitol Buildings in the UNITED STATES display Gothic and Greco-Roman Architecture, which is Moorish/Tartarian craftsmanship. Yes, the Cherokee where the Real Romans and they built all the Greco-Roman Architecture in the Americas and throughout the world. Where the Tartarians Cherokee Indians (India), aka, Washitaw Muurs? Yes, because Gothic Architecture is a Moorish or Tartarian mode of workmanship. This Facebook post is about Cherokee Gothic Architecture and Rome, Georgia, which was established by the Cherokee. Yes, the Cherokee are the real Romans: .

For more Tartarian Red Brick and Gothic Architecture, please check out the Old Tampa Bay (Bey) Hotel, which is now part of Tampa University:

Since we are on the topic of Tartary, which was an advanced civilization that was wiped off of the maps by the powers that be after a global reset (cataclysmic event), evidently, because this was a Blackamoor civilization. The symbols (flags) of Tartary where the Dragon and the Griffin. We have a connection to the Griffin because Queen Califia was known as the Griffin Queen. We also have a connection with the Dragon because the Dragon (serpent) was the chief symbol of worship in the Americas. The fact that the Americas is Asia Major, aka, India Superior is more evidence that the Americas was Grand Tartary, since Tartary is in Asia according to old maps. This blog post proves that the Americas is india Superior, aka, Asia major, and hence, Grand Tartary as a result of the Americas being the superior India:

This is a glimpse of how the old world looked like before the great comet of 1811-1812 caused a great mud flood that destroyed the Old World Order, aka, Tartaria: Also, in this Facebook post are some images that give you a good ideal of how the Americas looked before the Reconstruction Act of 1871.

The great mud flood of 1811-1812 was caused by the Great Comet of 1811, which stayed in the air almost a full year (260 days). The great Comet of 1811 completely destroyed the Old World Order that was ruled by Blackamoors, because this comet caused massive volcanic eruptions that blacked out the Sun, massive tidal waves, and thousands of massive earthquakes (one of which was the Madrid Earthquake) that caused the earth to literally liquify (mud-flood). More evidence of a mud-flood event please check out the Facebook link above about the Tampa Bey Hotel and please check out this post I did on the Fairhaven Hotel:

The Fairhaven hotel Facebook post is an interesting read because it is a Old World Tartarian building that is leaning to one side, evidently, due to some cataclysmic event and this old building had almost every modern-day convenience that we enjoy today as far as tech goes. Does most of our tech come from the old world? Based upon the evidence, yes it does, because how do you explain the modern day tech found in a building probably built in the 1500’s, since that is when the French Gable building style became popular. Also, we have to factor in the modern Tech that was put on display, along with Tartarian buildings, during the World’s fair that happen all around the world, before it (the evidence) was destroyed or either repurposed as something else to hide it.

Most of the Gothic and Greco-Roman architecture that the Muurs had built in the Americas was all destroyed during the staged World’s Fair. The buildings and the advanced Tartarian Tech had to be destroyed, because the evidence of advanced civilization did not fit in with the current narrative of the Americas being a new and uncivilized world that was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

All of the Gothic and Greco-Roman Architecture around the World was built by Muurs before the great comet of 1811 destroyed the Old World Order; therefore, all Europeans had to do was dig them out from the mud after the disaster and claim them; therefore, Freemasonry also means, “The Masonry that was free.”

Evidence that the Greeks and Romans were Muurs and that Islam comes from the Americas: The Greeks were the mother civilization of the Romans. In fact, Rome based its model of government from Greece, hence the term Greco-Roman, which is a unification of the Greek (Creek: Cherokee) and Roman Culture.

The invasion of the Americas had nothing to do Race, because it was the Black Jew, “Holy Roman Emperor Charles the V,” that successfully invaded the Americas in the early 1500’s in the name of Christ, because he was the King of Spain and the military muscle for the Vatican (Rome). Charles the V had an military alliance with King Henry VIII of England to capture the Holy land (Jerusalem) from Saracens (Moors/ Muurs); which explains why he banned Islam, via, the edict of the worms (dragons) and invaded the Granada that the Moors had as a stronghold in Spain and the Granada land the Muurs had as a stronghold in the Americas. Evidence that the Americas was knowns as Granada land: Granda land means the promised land of Israel.

In 1600, the Moroccan, Sultan Ahmad Al-Mansur and Queen Elizabeth I of England begin negotiations for an alliance against Spain. The Muurs were seeking to re-establish Al-andalus in the Americas. Yes, Andalus (Andalusia) was in South America according to the 1491 map from Spain of the Americas. Carthage (Carthago), Castille, and Spain (Hispaniola, know now as, Haiti) is also shown on this map; which means that the Holy wars, aka, the real Crusades happened in the Americas.

Queen Elizabeth I was the daughter of King Henry VIII and Queen Anne Boleyn, so the Muurs had to offer her a lot for her to agree to aid the Muurs in war against Spain, which was one of her Father’s Allies at first. I believe the Muurs offered her land and plenty of gold (Guyana: Ghana), because she agreed to help the Muurs defeat Spain.

The Muurs were able to re-establish rule through unification with British/ England, which explains why the Muurs were able to regain power after Spain was defeated in the game of thrones by the Dragon Queen, Queen Elizabeth I and her dragon, Sir Francis Drake and company. Black King James of the Bible took the Americas from Spain to honor the alliance that the Muurs had made with his 1st Cousin, Queen Elizabeth I of England, since he was in on the cut. Now, this explains why the 13 British Colonies were Black and established by Black Muslims and Jews:

This also explains why the Black Panther, Tecumseh, a Indian war chief, had fought for Britain during the war of 1812, because as Muurs he had a strong alliance with Britain: For more evidence that Britain and the Muurs had an Alliance is Fort Negro in Florida and the war of 1812, since boh flags (the British flag and the Almoroccan) were flown together on the same flag pole: Also, the first image in this post shows you a copper-colored Muur/ Indian as the First American, and you can see the unification of the Almoroccan flag with the British Flag.

The second image in this post (American Negro Exposition) is the nail in coffin for anyone who doesn’t think that the World’s fair Expositions are all about Blackamoors and our buildings and our tech. The other two images, one being the Negro Development and Exposition company, and the other image being the Negro Building is just more evidence that the Old World was ruled by Muurs (Blacks).

This word Nego is of divine origin and it comes from the Sanskrit word Naga, which means Serpent or Dragon (wisdom). Also, Negro is referring to the Kingdom of Judah, since Negroland is a part of the Kingdom of Judah.

In this post are 7 Obelisks found in Virginia. We associate Obelisks with Egypt, so could the land of Virgin Mary or Mother Mary, which is Virginia (Virgin) and Maryland (Mary’s land or Mauri land), be also an extension of ancient Egypt? I believe so, because Washington D.C., sits in the middle of Virginia and Maryland. This means that Washington penetrates the virgin Mary with a big white phallus called the Washington Monument, which is another obelisk. The Obelisk (the tree of life or the Kaba) is also a symbol of free energy, since it is a symbol of Mount Meru/ the Garden of Eden:

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Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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