During the bondage of Foundational Black Americans (FBAs) “Massa”, made laws against teaching these enslaved people to read. They theorized that if FBAs could read s/he might question the authority of the Master and White supremacy. The Master of the Plantation also felt that if a FBA could read s/he would see the contradictions of holding human beings as Chattel slaves-property—within the context of the Federal Constitution and Bible, that made it clear All men should be free.

Thusly, FBAs were not permitted to read. To facilitate absolute control over the enslaved foundational Black Americans “Massa” made sure that religious services would be highly regulated after Nat Turner’s rebellion. You see, Nat Turner after reading and reflecting on what he read in the Bible realized that God did not want any person to be enslaved. So, he raised up in revolt to see his people free. The Nat Turner rebellion failed—but many whites were killed—and it confirmed the view of “Massa” that FBAs must never be allowed to read.

After the Bondage of Foundational Black Americans ended the education of blacks was never really supported, by state Governments. State leaders felt that their black populations should only have enough education to work as laborers –share croppers—on the farms many of them had formerly worked as enslaved people. In schools administered by government officials and white liberals. Foundational Blacks were taught whites were superior to Blacks and Africans. The FBAs were taught that whites created civilization; and that the African and Black Native Americans had no history except, the history of white tutelage of the “darker” races.

As a result, the freed bondsmen established their own schools. Reading the Bible, FBAs, learned about the Egyptians and Babylonians. At first, they knew these people were white, because “white folks said so”.

White Supremacy in Education and the media stressed this “fact”—civilization was the product of ‘white genius’. Yet, some FBA, did not accept the White Supremacist view of history. They felt that since Egypt was in Africa, the Egyptians had probably been Black.

Once FBAs learned to read they knew the Egyptians were Black, because the Massa taught them that the Foundational Black Americans were descendants of the children of Ham— who like themselves—had been destined to be the slaves of other people. Once FBA learned to read the Bible they found that the Bible contradicted the ancient history they were taught by whites. The Biblical history taught FBA, that the Egyptians and Babylonians , founders of the Great River Valley Civilizations of the World, were descendants of Ham. This contradicted the White Supremacist view of World history, they were taught in school and propagated by the media.

Thusly, the Bible taught FBA they were not inferior to whites or Europeans. They learned from the Bible they did have a history. This view was strengthen by the fact American slave holders did not allow their bondsmen to know their ethnic origin, and as a result FBA recognized themselves as every African or Black on the African continent. This idea of FBAs as every Black meant we were also related to the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians.
Consequently, only ignorant FBA, or FBA who were educated enough to buy into white Supremacy to view themselves as inferior to whites.

Eventually the American descendants of slaves (ADOS) attended Colleges and Universities where they learned Greek and Latin. Knowledge of these languages allowed them to read what the Classical writers, the Greeks and Romans knew about the children of Ham. After reading this literature, FBAs knew the history they had been taught was a lie.

The Classical literature said the Egyptians and Ethiopians-the Kushites—the children of Ham founded the River Valley civilizations of Egypt, Kush and Elam—not whites. This knowledge made it clear FBAs were being miseducated in the schools. The secular Classical literature confirmed what FBAs had learned in the Church that ancient history was Black History, and White Supremacy was a myth.

This knowledge gained from the classics made it clear FBAs were being taught a fairy tale—white Supremacist or Eurocentric view of History. FBA scholars now knew The history taught in the schools was like Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale about an Emperor who had bought some invisible clothes, that did not exist, but the emperor would not admit they did not exist so he wouldn’t look stupid; and that the Academe, like the emperor was teaching a false and invisible world history that excluded Blacks—to support the White Supremacy myth of white superiority over the Blacks.

Consequently, W.E.B. DuBois exposed the Academe view of history as false and unfounded. The work of DuBois inspired other researchers to use archaeology, history and linguistics to confirm the original Biblical sources that ancient history was the history of Blacks not whites. This Afrocentric view of history was criticized, but white supremacists did not have any way to invalidate this view of history because it was supported by the Classics and contemporary social science evidence.

Eurocentrists criticized Afrocentrism—but they rarely challenged the research of scholars like W.E.B. DuBois ,J.A. Rogers, Carter G. Woodson, Leo Hansberry and John Jackson, because their work was meticulously referenced with the latest research of their day. Lack of counter social science evidence to disconfirm the research of the aforementioned scholars left the Eurocentrists powerless to truly deny the arguments of Afrocentrists.

This situation changed with the development of the field of population genetics. Geneticists began to claim they could write prehistory based solely on the use of Bayesian statistics to make inferences about population movements. The Eurocentrists were happy to learn about the advances in genetics. They felt that genetics would finally put to rest the claims of the Afrocantrists that the first civilizations were founded by Blacks.

David Reich (2018) wrote that “the ancestors of East Asians, Europeans, West Africans, and Australians until recently were, almost completely isolated from one another for 40,000 years or longer…”

This theory was groundless Africans and Eurasians had been mixing in the Americas and Eurasia for thousands of years prior to 1492. Because the admixture of Africans and Eurasians is thousands of years earlier than 1492, made the baseline used to determine population migration lacs any validity and reliability. It lacked validity because the archaeology and craniometrics indicated that Europe was a Black Continent until after 1500 BC. Due to this reality, Geneticists began to find that the so-called genes they assigned to Eurasians were also found in Africans.

This would have not surprised Geneticists if they had studied history. If they had studied history they would have known that much of Europe had been ruled by African Muslims from 711 to 1492 AD.

But, instead of re-reading history. The Geneticists made the claim that Eurasian genes were spread into Africa by a back migration from Eurasia to Africa, based on their statistical models and inferences. This argument has proved to be a complete failure. It failed because the archaeology all illustrates Africans migrating into Eurasia. The lack of archaeological evidence of a Eurasian back migration invalidated their arguments.

The invalidation of this argument made a back migration from Eurasia to Africa a fairy tale like the Emperor’s new clothes. The archaeological evidence does not really exist supporting the alleged back migration, but geneticists can not admit they cannot see any archaeological or craniometric evidence supporting the back migration theory, because they do not want to seem stupid.

To make this admission, Geneticists would have to admit that the foundation of their field—the separation of the varied races for 40,000 years is unfounded. Absent the separation of races makes it obvious that if Africans carry Eurasian genes, they must have carried these genes into Europe, where the Eurasians acquired these genes from the Africans who settled Europe.

The reality that Eurasian genes are African genes, makes it clear geneticist have not presented evidence to contradict the findings of W.E.B. DuBois and the rest of the scholars mentioned earlier. Yes, the Egyptians were Black, just like the Sumerians. Foundational Black Americans have proven that population genetics like the other fields do not deny Afrocentric ancient history themes.

The archaeological and craniometric evidence makes it clear that there never was a back migration from Eurasia that deposited Eurasian genes in Africa. And, that so-called Eurasian genes originated in Africa, were taken to Eurasia by African migrants. The absence of corroborating evidence for Geneticists’ statistical models and guesses about prehistory makes the Back migration theory a fairly tale like the Emperor’s new clothes.
I discussed the myth that caucasian Europeans are indigenous to Europe in my latest book: Manufactured Genetic Origins: The Fake Eurasian Back Migration.

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Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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