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The White Mans Burden or WMB is a treatise on the truthful history and contributions to world civilization that had taken place over the last 5k yrs in which I uncover and reveal not only the lies of white historical contributions but adamantly replacing and recalling and retelling of the truthful history of the real civilizers and bringers of all civilization the black man and woman.

WMB sets out to dispel the myth of white superiority as a cover up of their dismal mental state of delusional grandeur as a fraud and the real inferiority complex white people suffer from and why they hate black people so much.

In WMB you’ll find that the 1776 war was a lie, that America is still under the English Crown,that America isn’t a country,that all lands West of Appalachia were accrued illegally and therefore null and voided,that Jamestown and the 13 colonies were established by a black King King James 4th and that the only slaves in USA were white and that blacks were prisoners of war.

I believe WMB will be a milestone in historical literature in the sense that it dares to be different in its approach and writing style of a 2 person conversation and the ability to take a complicated subject as history and to make it an easy,fun,light reading.

So sit back relax and enjoy WMB for what it is an historical ride into the past to explain who and why we are where we are in terms of so called racial relations and how we can best defuse the situation before it explodes into a more potent force.

The White Man’s Burden of Lies and Deceit 2: Understanding White Supremacy51mjged4BCL._SY346_

WMB 2 Understanding White Supremacy Is a 2 yr journey of a heartfelt mission to understanding what is White privilege and does this system of White Supremacy works and who created.

In WMB 2 you will find all the answers to this question and more importantly every law enacted against people of color whether it was Plessy v Ferguson and other laws based off it were and are illegal and therefore lacking of any effect of law.

This leads to the understanding of Color of Law and how such law(s) was enacted and brought into force and effect against the Native population in order to steal and kill the land and people without just cause which makes the resolution of such deceit easily winnable in the US Supreme Court.

Isaiah and I pray that the reader will walk away from the WMB series with a better understanding of the System of White Supremacy and more importantly how to beat and dismantle it with a better system of JUSTICE for everyone.