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White supremacist asks Muslim lawyer why there is no ‘Christian ISIS,’ gets schooled.

White supremacist asks Muslim lawyer why there is no 'Christian ISIS,' gets schooled.

Qasim Rashid, a lawyer in Washington, D.C., went viral on Sunday for giving a white supremacist—and the internet—a much-needed history lesson.

Rashid gets harassed on the internet by anti-Muslim a-holes on the regular. One of them, who was likely quite proud of this “hot take,” asked him “Where’s the Christian version of ISIS and every other religion then?”

Rashid replied with thousands of years of receipts known as World History.

That’s right, racist. Troll not lest ye be trolled.

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Rashid was generous to take the time to educate the racist schmuck, and the post received over 5,600 retweets, with one commenter even adding, “[I] need my ignorant grandma to see this.”


The reply has received the endorsement of Christians.

Every religion has extremists, and extremists have more in common with each other than they do with the common people of their faith.


While a white supremacist is likely to view every other type of religious violence as “alternative facts,” when truth matters again, this tweet should be studied in history classes.

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Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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